FarmVille 2 Add zest to your farm with Lemon Verbena

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Baby Red Sorrel Mini Donkey
e_animal_baby_donkeysmall_sorrelred 35
Baby Brown Holstein Friesian Cow
e_animal_baby_cow_holsteinfriesianbrown 39
Baby Lesser Bornean Crested Fireback Pheasant 
e_animal_baby_pheasant_siamesefireback 38
Baby Visayan Warty Pig
e_animal_baby_visayanwarty 26
Heirloom River Red Gum Tree
e_tree_heirloom_wood_gum_riverred 33
Heirloom Mongongo Tree
e_tree_heirloom_fruit_mongongo_generic 38
Heirloom Mountain Paw Paw Tree
e_tree_heirloom_fruit_pawpaw_mountain 37
lemon verbena crop
e_rare_crop_lemon_verbena 25 
Lemon Verbena Cream Peach
e_rare_crafted_lemon_verbena_cream_peach 40
e_rare_crafted_lemon_verbena_cream_peach_heirloom 49
Lemon Verbena Lemonade
e_rare_crafted_lemonade_lemonverbena 36
Mountain Paw Paw Parfait
e_rare_crafted_mountainpawpaw_parfait 37
e_rare_crafted_mountainpawpaw_parfait_heirloom 46
Mountain Paw Paw Smoothie
e_rare_crafted_smoothie_mountainpawpaw 38
e_rare_crafted_smoothie_mountainpawpaw_heirloom 47
Mongongo Oil
e_rare_crafted_oil_mongongo 27
e_rare_crafted_oil_mongongo_heirloom 36
Mongongo Shampoo
e_rare_crafted_shampoo_mongongo 31
e_rare_crafted_shampoo_mongongo_heirloom 40

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