FarmVille 2 Code, cheat request here

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I thought we would need a specific post to request codes and cheats and help each others
if we cant find what we are looking for at other posts we can request here, it will be easier that way, feel free to request any item code or cheat , we all  are here to help each others

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Discuss Code, cheat request here


Tractor Factor----can not find codes for --level, tape measure, nut and bolt.  Please help if you have these.

cheat code using Bit Slicer for "Unlimited Silo"

j bullard

i undrestand you can add 3000 fuel   or other resorces   does anyonre have the code por this?  fuel mainly

No matter what I try I can not expand any property!  Any suggestions? None of the codes I use ate working.

If you have to store power hour in inventory, then make a power time certificate.

Scan: e_deco_animated_lamppost (24) (Country Lamppost)
Change To: e_certificate_power_time (24)

I don't have a code but a question if you don't mind helping me out.  I understand how to use the codes when using a decor item.  I don't quite understand how to use a code when crafting a kitchen item.  The decor item I just throw in my inventory....but what do I do with the crafted kitchen item after I make it in order it to change over to another item?  Thank you for your help!  Michele

unfortunately game doesnt allow it to put inventory even if we get  coop power by cheat it wont work  i tried it before , you have to buy it with trainer 

Hi Everyone, I am looking for a cheat for the Co-op Power Hours. In the general store 1,2,3 hours are available for purchase. Is there a cheat code for Cheat Engine 6.4 I can use?

Thanks so much :)

 value arrray of bytes

04 63 61 73 68

04 62 61 73 68

you can use that one but it doesnt allow you to buy everything on store ,
there is no code to make cash directly but you can use codes to get items you want 

thank you for this site, i need code to get cash if passible 

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