FarmVille 2 FarmVille 2 Code Collection in PDF (Lexicon Guide)

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All FarmVille 2 codes and instructions on how to use it. The PDF file has 411 page and most of it are Cheat Codes.

If you already read or watch FarmVille 2 Cheats using Cheat Engine

You will understand how to use this Item Codes. Download the PDF File here:

For more Cheat Codes use the FarmVille 2 Cheat Codes Database

Thanks to users like shrek for the 17K data dump, must34 for giving updated codes, and users who continuously updating the database,  currently the database has 17,190+ codes and still growing. If we help each other we can update it regularly.

The PDF File is from the old site I thought it would be useful to post it here. FarmVille 2 is aging and zynga is focusing on mobile apps, there is a possibility that they will going to axe this game. This data exists way back 2012 and they where unable to patch it, abusing this data might force them to shutdown FarmVille 2 just like what happen in CityVille even though they still have 10 million players at that time.

This post is not for everyone, not all of us have time and patience to figure out how it works. But consider this: what is possible for one, is possible for anybody. 

Best of Luck to everyone and enjoy this first web based 3D Farming Game.

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pa help pano mag cheat


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how to cheat 

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