FarmVille 2 Code for pearls, gold,copper,silver ,mushroom

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e_rare_job_ore_gold 19
e_rare_job_ore_copper 21
e_rare_job_ore_silver 21
e_rare_job_pearl_peach 22
e_rare_job_pearl_white 22
e_rare_job_axhead_ancient 25
e_rare_job_fossil_ancient 25
e_rare_job_mushroom_white 25
e_rare_job_pearl_lavender 25
e_rare_job_pottery_broken 25
e_rare_job_arrowhead_stone 26
e_rare_job_pottery_ancient 26
e_rare_job_mushroom_portobello 30
e_rare_job_mushroom_oyster_king 31

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Discuss Code for pearls, gold,copper,silver ,mushroom


Okay I'm new at the cheat engine. when I see just the codes for the stuff. They don't say what I need to change from. EXAMPLE: search for e_animated_object change to string or 4 byte then change record value to e_resource_water_ pack. you guys just have codes to what I will need but not how to change them. Can you please help me. I usually go through alot of resources (water, fertilizer, speedgrow) I wouldn't mind knowing how to get certain animals ust to play with like breeding for example. If you know a way to get free coins or farmbucks so I can expand my land that would be great too. THANKS!!

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