FarmVille 2 Coins Hack Not Working Anymore?

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Recently I've been trying to use the coin hack in the game. I did it a couple weeks ago and it worked but now whenever I try I can get the value of the harv manor to 1 but when I change the 50k value to sell it for coins the value doesn't change.

Is there a new way of getting coins with the manor hack or is there any other way to get some fast easy coin?

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When I needed coins I usually would use the basic cheat to get farm cash stuff for free (**If not working, then try:
search array ( 63 61 73 68 )   and change all results to ( 62 61 73 68 )  **)  and then I would buy the adult gypsy horse (the black and white one) and the sell it back for 28,000 coins. Takes a while but its better than nothing.

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scan for e_rare_crafted_cake_fig_heirloom 32 
change to  e_rare_crafted_statue_horse_bred 32  
craft heirloom fig cake and restart game or you can use another item with  32 length

then sell bred horse statue for 909780 coins 

new array codes not working. any suggestions?


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