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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for FarmVille 2.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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Hello, First of all I just want to say is that the state fair point cheat works great!! But the bad part for me is, I did not think about having the 10x point shovel so it took my score to over 12 million points...I have tried everything I could think of to lower it back down to a level more competive with the others in my fair in hopes that I won't get turned in and banned...nothing is working...does anyone have a clue on how to do that if it is possible?? 

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Is there a code for the 24 hour instagrower?

I am requesting the code for early unlock of the cow breeding barn, with specific step by step instructions to get it to work.  Thank you to anyone who has the answer.  Disregard.  After a few attempts I found how to get the cow breeding early unlock to work.  See "Cheat Codes for Cow Breeding" under Posts.

how do I get -1 points for state fair/farmville 2 and step by step to recover water fields


I need silver pocket watches. How do I get them?

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i have problem with Speed-Grow Machine  when placed in my farm it dose not shown

code used

Scan: e_rare_crafted_cupcake_orange (Orange Cupcake)
Change To: e_building_free_instagrow_day

thank you for your help

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i used the following code

Scan: e_rare_crafted_cupcake_orange (Orange Cupcake)
Change To: e_building_free_instagrow_day


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The AOB cheat must have been patched recently. It worked to open up the last expansion but didn't work yesterday when I tried it on two of my farms.  Good while it lasted. 

I know. Running into the same issue myself. I'm trying every workaround possible, including dropping the '04' at the beginning of the code. I've got the -1 to show up, but after I open a few expansions it crashes. Every time.

Figured out a workaround.

Use the cash cheat as usual (visit a neighbor and all that) except cut off the 04
Go back to your farm and unlock up to 4 expansions or so - DO NOT WAIT
Before autosave tries to kick in, quickly visit a neighbor
Wait a moment, then go back to your farm

Voila - the lands you just unlocked are still unlocked.

But now I have a new issue. The old HarvEstate coins hack doesn't work anymore, and I need like 24 million coins...

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