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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for FarmVille 2.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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Hi There,

New to your cheat engine lists and really having fun with it so far,  I have a request but not sure if it is possible. 
It might be helpful to be able to "refine" our searches.  For example, if we want to be able to swap something out, it has to be an "e_deco" or something that can be put into inventory... but if you search something in the search bar, then try to refine (for example) by  string length, which is one of your options, it resets your search, and shows everything with that string length.  It would be extremely helpful if you could use both of these criteria together to find the appropriate substitution codes for the items we are hoping to acquire. 

Sorry if this has been requested 100s of times, I tried to read a few pages of the suggestions, and didn't see it. 

Thanks for an awesome tool!

Can someone find me a deco code of 33 characters pls? I like to make some Upgarde Points with e_resource_upgardepoints_pack_50 (its 33 chatacters), but i dont have e_deco 33 character code to change with.. BTW sorry for my english :)

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Haven't been able to locate any way to open them up yet. Searching the net and other sites.  Will post it here if I find anything.

Anyone know the code for Toothed stone chisels

Could not find a deco, but you could try
e_rare_crafted_lemon_meringue_pie 33

coins freee, it is not working CE harvestate manor ,,,,any sugestion i need it to expand


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Trying without success to find the codes for the puppy "training treats" to finish up my puppy kennel (March/April 2016 Quest).  Tried several lexicons, previous kennel quests, etc.  Anyone know what the codes are so I can finish it up before my time runs out?

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Nevermind, just found it on another site. :)  Tried it and it worked.  All 3 of the remaining recipes are done now.. on to the next leg of the journey. :)

Crafted about 75 of these things and they show up in my recipes and in inventory.

e_rare_crafted_lemon_meringue_filling (37)
Change To:
e_rare_ingredient_treats_training_dog   (37)

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get packs of 100 (99 max) using these

Verdant Breath Kite 800 $


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