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We love to create new FarmVille 2 forum categories for you to post. Any Idea?

laugh Post your suggestions here.

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Quite frankly I don't like it. I am looking for deep woods expansion then changing the code , now can't find cheat code for several items like pearls, gold , silver, fish etc.

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i'm building a Code Database with 17,000+ codes. I hope I could finish it today at least with listing and searching feature.

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check my crafted items and decoration posts to find codes to replace 

I suggest a Category just for expansion instructions.  I find this newer site very difficult to navigate and difficult to find what I am looking for.  Perhaps I will get used to it eventually, but right now it's quite difficult.

I would also like to suggest a sort function to be able to sort posts by the most recent, if that is possible.  If it already exists, my error.  Maybe a set of instructions on how to navigate the site.

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yes Thanks for your suggestion @EarleneGWill 

I'm planning to change the profile page next week, which when you login all the games that you like and the shortcut menu for that game will be shown in your profile page.

There is also a plan to create a chrome & firefox notification plugin for forum new replies & topics.

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Hello ,

Are there other people who has problems with the expansion GRASSY GROUNDS , I and someone else keep seeing "coming soon"but there is already a new expansion on the left side and this one I good do today,so the last expansion is done but the expansion from Grassy grounds wound't come, can someone help me with this .


Regards Rens

This is a nice site for gamers, but is there also a site like gamechitah where more people can for cheats.

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to @peterzijtveld you can use the FarmVille 2 Game Post section to share your cheats or you can find one


Use the search feature to find a post. 

This is the new In the old site very few people can share their cheats and we intend to hide because of legality issue. Now that everyone can post their cheats or tricks or hacks if we recieve a "Take Down Notice" from a game company we have more options and we can respond well. 

Cheats come and go maybe today it's working and tomorrow it might not. The idea is to be in the moment and enjoy every working cheats available. 

Maybe today we have time to share our tricks and cheats for this game and tomorrow we might not. My idea is to allow anyone who love this game to share their tricks or cheats with others.

I'm building a reputation system for this site, some kind of a ranking system for users who share more, it's a way to make their profiles more recognizable.




Sorry, I do not want to get negative about the further looks good this site.
It's getting used to and some searching but it is not the intention to crack down the site for good work.

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can anyone teach me to post links?


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