FarmVille 2 The ShareLinks Plugin And How It Can Help You Play FarmVille 2

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You might already know the ShareLinks Page for FarmVille 2

It's a page full of bonus links all the time since I publish the plugin. Think of it as a public Facebook News Feed where you can get bonuses anytime. 

You can post your links there too using the ShareLinks Plugin ( ) or Manual Posting.

In case that you don't want to use the plugin for some reasons please ADD ME 

I build a BOT that will automatically post links 24/7 for as long as I have an Active Internet Connection and my laptop don't get busted :) 

Learning how to create chrome extensions leads me to NEW POSSIBILITIES. Like for example for my new project I'm thinking of building a plugin that will AUTO Accept Notification on FarmVille 2. Since I have 500+ messages to accept in FarmVille 2 and I'm to lazy to click them all.

A plugin with that feature may already exists but I feel I can do a lot better.

I leave you with this video on How to Install & Use the Plugin


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