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Anyone worked out the items for the gift grotto yet, if so can you post here. I am looking specifically for pinecone lights to build up points.

no one sseems to be posting the codes for any of the new items in Farmville 2. alternatively, if someone can give me instructions to find the correct codes, i am happy to spend the time finding and posting them.

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Thank you !!!


Looking for that item too, and the sewing needles.  I did find the codes for the Gift Grotto Tickets but it's best to use that when you haven't accumulated any points yet because it will wipe out any existing ones you have. 

e_rare_ticket_cookoff_giftgrotto   (32)

Also found these:  Elf, Tree, and Animal ones are working.. didn't try any others yet.

Elf Figurine:
e_deco_cookoff_giftgrotto_figurine_elf   38
    e_rare_crafted_lemonade_peach (29)  *or*
    e_rare_crafted_cherry_limeade_heirloom   38

Balsam Fir Tree:
e_deco_milkjug_generic   22
e_tree_wood_fir_balsam   22

Animal Reward:
e_animal_baby_chicken_paintedasturian   37
e_animal_adult_chicken_paintedasturian   38


**Haven't tried these yet**



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