FarmVille 2 Gourmet Farm Level Up using Cheat Engine

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Want to level up your Gourmet Farm fast?  Here's how using Cheat Engine.

Open your farm, wait until it is fully loaded and then open Cheat Engine and attach to the flash process.

Travel to your Gourmet Farm.  When your Gourmet Farm is fully loaded check what RP level you are at - for example say you are at Level 2,  then in Cheat Engine  ensure the VALUE TYPE is set to "4 BYTES".  

In the "VALUE" box type in the RP Level of your Gourmet Farm, for example "2".  Click "First Scan".

Then in your Gourmet Farm perform tasks that will cause you to RP Level up by 1, in my example to Level 3.

Once leveled up go back to Cheat Engine and type in your new RP Level Number (for example "3") and hit "NEXT SCAN"

Select ALL the found results and bring them to the lower pane and then select them ALL in the Lower Pane and right-click on them and select "CHANGE RECORD" and choose "VALUE" and enter the desired RP Level you wish to get to and hit "OK" .    IMMEDIATELY then in your Gourmet Farm visit one of your neighbours and perform some tasks there.  You will see your RP rise to the requested level during that visit.

Some Notes:

This method does require you get at least 1 Level up while trying to perform it.

Flash will sometimes crash when doing this but try again and it will work. 

I have found the best way of avoiding the crash is to immediately visit a neighbours farm.  I have also found that sometimes when visiting the neighbours gourmet farm that Flash would crash but when I reload and go back to my Gourmet Farm that the RP Level change has persisted.  

Hope that helps people.

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