FarmVille 2 How to get rid of buldings on your farm

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which building do you want to get rid of  , scan for code of this building  you can check codes  in my post
after scanning building code change it to any code ( it doesnt have to be same length )  then visit a neighbour and return your farm they will vanish 

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Discuss How to get rid of buldings on your farm


Thank you!!

CarlaVenturino check my bulding cheat codes post there are codes for all buildings 

Do you have any codes to get other buildings back? I did the state fair cheat and lost the cow shed, the animal barn, water plots, and a couple of other buildings.

@wmvm51 cheat code for cave is ready
Scan: e_deco_mudpatch (Mud Patch)
Change To: e_building_cave

@wmwm51 can you tell me which cave u want a Cave And Cave Exploring can you explain more about the cave so i can helo you can you share a snap shot of it

@wmwm51 im sorry about the cave because i dont have any cheat code for cave but will try to get one for you but i can give you cheat codes for water plots to reset them and get them back

Scan: e_building_waterfield_craftsman_l5
Change To: e_rare_crafted_blueberry_marmalade

Visit A Neighbour And Come Back They Will Disappear

if you had level 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 water plots u can change the value from _l5 to any _l1 _l2 _l3 _l4 _l5

after resetting them apply this code for get the water plots back

Scan: e_deco_animated_kite_flying_yellow (Sky Blossom Kite)
Change To: e_building_waterfield_craftsman_l5


did state fair cheat 1st time lost my cave can it be replaced, 2nd time lost 10 water plots can they be made to disappear.  thank you for your help

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