FarmVille 2 Is there a way to get un banned

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Hello, I got banned like 3 years ago , and still been banned, is there a way to get unbanned or a way to get on farmville anyway? I knew there was in the past a way to use this ------   flash.php?isOuterIframe=1  ----- but I don't know how that worked anymore.


regards linda

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there maybe certain reason for the ban. unless there was something that you as being innocent may ask for the answer thru zynga or facebook which ever site you played on. Facebook is great at resolveing issues of innocent or accident. If you guilty as such say maybe harsh threats thru messaging or bulling or maybe using game hacks and cheating, I doubt you will ever be allowed to play cause of rule breaking. If someone you say was playing on your account thats a far unbelieveable concept. I myself would have no use to log in and play anothers game. Hope you get an answer or find a new game to play.

I am  banned  since  the  days  of  Backyard  Monstersand  all  that because  someone  hacked  my  pc sand  I do not  know  what  he or she  did  but  Zynga  never  contacted me  they  just  banned  me

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