FarmVille 2 Kitchen Crafting Ingredients (Often Asked)

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Pickling Spice

Scan: e_rare_crafted_apple_pie_heirloom (Heirloom Apple Pie)
Change To: e_rare_ingredient_spices_pickling

Cajun Spices

Scan: e_rare_crafted_lemonade_peach (Peach Lemonade)
Change To: e_rare_ingredient_spice_cajun


Scan: e_rare_crafted_porcelain (Porcelain)
Change To: e_rare_ingredient_pepper

Cocoa Powder

Scan: e_rare_crafted_rake_fertilizer (Fertilizer Rake)
Change To: e_rare_ingredient_powder_cocoa

Cocoa Nibs

Scan: e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit)
Change To: e_rare_ingredient_cocoa_nibs

Scan: e_rare_crafted_half_and_half (Half and Half)
Change To: e_rare_ingredient_cocoa_nibs

Brown Sugar

Scan: e_rare_crafted_lemonade_peach (Peach Lemonade)
Change To: e_rare_ingredient_sugar_brown

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