FarmVille 2 Prize shovels and double time cheat

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e_powerup_prize_shovel_sapphire_cash 36
e_powerup_prize_shovel_diamond_cash 35
e_powerup_prize_shovel_platinum_cash 36
e_powerup_prize_shovel_ruby_cash 32
e_powerup_prize_shovel_amber_cash 33
e_powerup_prize_shovel_1d_cash 30


double time cheat

first double time must be active to get this cheat worked

scan for double_time select all results and drag down , select all and change their length from 11 to 100
you will get such a number next to double time  ; double_time":1436976432824
copy that number
value is double
scan for that number

and  change that number to higher one 1536976432824, simply change second number and you will get 166 weeks double time
and you should spend a few minutes on your farm it takes a while to save changes on your farm

same method for prized shovel time
scan for shovel_diamond  ,which shovel is active you will scan for that shovel

after scanning and changing length of them
you will get that shovel_diamond":1451739768146
scan with double for this number and change it to higher one
it will increase your shovel time

if you want to reset your double time and shovel time , reverse those numbers to old ones with same way



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Thanks I just could not find it !!


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