FarmVille 2 Spice up your farm with Saffron Crocus

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Baby Brown Painted Katahdin Sheep
e_animal_baby_sheep_katahdinpaintedbrown 40
Baby Tolbunt Polish Chicken
e_animal_baby_chicken_polishtolbunt 35
Baby Blue Sapphire Chinchilla 
e_animal_baby_chinchilla_sapphireblue 37
Baby White Mosaic Angora Chinchilla
e_animal_baby_chinchilla_mosaicangorawhite 42

saffron crocus
e_rare_crop_crocus_saffron 26
Heirloom American Larch tree 
e_tree_heirloom_wood_larch_american 35
Heirloom Pin Cherry Tree 
e_tree_heirloom_fruit_cherry_pin 32
Heirloom Bodinier Beautyberry Tree
e_tree_heirloom_flower_beautyberry_bodinier 43

bodinier beautyberry vase
e_rare_crafted_bodinier_beautyberry_vase 40
e_rare_crafted_bodinier_beautyberry_vase_heirloom 49
pin cherry cheesecake
e_rare_crafted_cheesecake_pincherry 35 
e_rare_crafted_cheesecake_pincherry_heirloom 44
pin cherry charlotte
e_rare_crafted_pincherry_charlotte 34
e_rare_crafted_pincherry_charlotte_heirloom 43
pin cherry almond crumble
e_rare_crafted_pincherry_almond_crumble 39
e_rare_crafted_pincherry_almond_crumble_heirloom 48
butter soffran cake
e_rare_crafted_butter_saffron_cake 34
syrupy saffron donuts
e_rare_crafted_syrupy_saffron_donuts 36

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