FarmVille 2 Splurge on The Orange Persian Buttercup

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release date March 7th

orange persian buttercup
e_rare_crop_buttercup_persian_orange_generic 44


baby tan chinchilla
e_animal_baby_chinchilla_tan 28

baby solid violet chinchilla
e_animal_baby_chinchilla_whitesolidviolet 41

baby suffolk sheep
e_animal_baby_sheep_suffolk 27

baby anglo nubian goat
e_animal_baby_goat_nubiananglo 30

heirloom african teak tree
e_tree_heirloom_wood_teak_african_generic 41

heirloom pencil cedar tree
e_tree_heirloom_fruit_cedar_pencil 34

heirloom illipe butternut tree
e_tree_heirloom_fruit_butternut_illipe 38

Pencil Cedar Antiseptic
e_rare_crafted_antiseptic_cedar_pencil 38
e_rare_crafted_antiseptic_cedar_pencil_heirloom 47

Whipped Illipe Body Butter
e_rare_crafted_butter_body_illipe_whipped 41
e_rare_crafted_butter_body_illipe_whipped_heirloom 50

Pencil Cedar Potpourri
e_rare_crafted_potpourri_cedar_pencil 37
e_rare_crafted_potpourri_cedar_pencil_heirloom 46

Illipe Butter Soap
e_rare_crafted_soap_butter_illipe 33
e_rare_crafted_soap_butter_illipe_heirloom 42

Orange Persian Buttercup Corsage
e_rare_crafted_corsage_buttercup_persian_orange 47

Orange Persian Buttercup Vase
e_rare_crafted_vase_buttercup_persian_orange 44

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i am new here. please tell how to use these codes


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