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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Klondike.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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hi is there tricks or cheats for klondike, without filling in surveys, can you please let me know, email me on [email protected] or [email protected],  need some emeralds and cash, would be greatfull if i can get a cheat for this game

Hi, Where do I find pieces of Amber?  I have turned the location Amber into a settlement, was this the only place I could get it?

please make emeralds in game hunters


Needing Emeralds, flax and lots of energy to help me try to complete different quests. Thank you so very much.

where can i find game hunters in klondike

I have gotten pretty far in the Polar Expedition and am needing more Warmbloom Fruits to start the next part of the expedition. I can't believe there are no more to harvest. I need several more. Any suggestons?

UPDATE: I found two more after a lot of looking. Thanks anyway


I need energy and horn set and also 5 energy 35 cheesecake.

What I'd like to see is being able to regain your energy within the game much sooner than just only one point every minute and a half. Some of us are not able to actually buy extra energy, gems and what have you. If you wonder why some of us can't get through the quests, that's why. If you're going to make us wait a minute and a half, give us more energy points like five per minute or reduce the amount of waiting time for energy points

Another thing I'd like to see happen is make gems much easier to earn

Blue Clay should be easier to find, just as common as rocks and other stuff. I can't seem to find the blue clay deposits needed to build some of the buildings and as of May 2018, I'm really not that far along in the game. I hate to find out at higher levels what kind of nightmares I may run into later that are even worse than what I'm already going through

Where can i find the last wild animal in forest trail?

hi guys and girls ,i love klondike the lost expedition but need money and emeralds ,im disabled and use this game to pass my day but i never have enough of resouces to really enjoy it as much ,any help please 

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