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Energy and gems

I need more energy and gems (I don't know name of them). Can I exchange them for coins? I really need gems, for complete tasks I get 1 or 2 and be honest

  • Posted by AleksandraLexyR
  • 6,442
  • 23

Fabric and cotton

Is there an easier way to get cotton or fabric.  I need a lot and cotton takes too long to wait for. I am frustrated with this and will try anything to not

  • Posted by SheriCronk
  • 4,144
  • 15

Klondike Game - Tips for Collecting Bonuses

All Klondike bonus links will expire between 5-14 days.If you have not played the game for awhile use the Klondike Bonus Collector here.Klondike Bonus

  • Posted by Raphael
  • 1,967

Leontius mine helper

Hello!Does anyone know or have any working Leontius mine minesweeper helper? I have tryd some what i have found on google and youtube but havent got lucky with

  • Posted by AlvaroMatiViilv
  • 1,018
  • 1

Workers Hours

Workers HoursHow are they worked out?I have an item I am trying to collect that takes 2hrs to be made and can only find workers that work 1 hr 45 mins???? Any

  • Posted by LeonieMutimer
  • 833
  • 1

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Welcome Klondike Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by PaulaMoodItani
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by DarrenGlass
  • Suggestions
  • 8,843
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Suggestions
  • 1,970

Disappearing Glue

  • Started by: FlorenceElizabe
  • Game Discussions
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Temple Of Light

  • Started by: NicholeACarter
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  • Started by: user1509316529
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How Delete Inactive Players?

  • Started by: MariaNikolova
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Have you heard the news? Baby Bill's Gang has taken over the gold mines! It's time to show your courage and help the Sheriff! P.S. Grab your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2Hv5i5y

Likes: 23 Shares: 298 Posted:


(y) It's Friendship Fair in Klondike! (y) Here you can find new friends and neighbors! Just post your ADD-ME messages. Comment this post with:... · Your UID (the number below your game screen - your game ID); · Your ADD-ME message; We would like to remind you that you can become neighbors with players without friending them on Facebook. In order to do so, click the Neighbors button on your friends bar and send out requests to random players or particular people (using their game ID). ***You can add up to 300 neighbors by game ID only and up to 5000 more by friending them on Facebook. Meet new friends in Klondike and play together!

Likes: 15 Shares: 80 Posted:


FAQ: X-RAY MODE Now you can make all objects see-through in all permanent/temporary lands! The X-Ray option can be turned on/off by clicking the yellow arrow in the bottom right corner of your game (as seen in the post picture).... X-Ray is NOT available at your home station, railway lands, labyrinths or any other location where the treasure containers automatically open and go to your home storage. P.S. Grab your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2Mm1BxW

Likes: 26 Shares: 273 Posted:


It's the 3rd and last day of our Challenge! <3 Fill in the form: https://bit.ly/2CsOK8G The challenge details >> https://bit.ly/2QXFyy5... If you missed the previous days, no worries! You can fill in all the forms till January 20, 23:59 PST!

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The Klondike challenge continues! Solve today's riddle & fill in the form: https://bit.ly/2DjTfUA Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the last task!

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Dear Klondikers! We're starting a very special 3-day event, the prizes will be sweeter than usual! ;) Here's what you need to do:... Visit this page daily today through Sunday; Fill in each of the 3 Google Forms with your right answers to the tasks; Make sure you carefully type in your game ID (NUMBER ONLY) in the Google Forms; Open the game on Monday to see what you won. Here comes the 1st form to fill >> https://bit.ly/2DkW8Vr Good luck with the challenge! P.S. All forms will be closes on January 20, 23:59 PST!

Likes: 21 Shares: 158 Posted:


Happy Birthday, Klondike! Dear Klondikers, thank you for being with us for 5 years! You are the most amazing players ever and Klondike never could have become the game it is without you! We hope that in our 5th year we can bring you even more fun adventures and exciting content!... Thank you for being with us! Your special birthday bonus >> https://bit.ly/2DePO1w

Likes: 36 Shares: 346 Posted:

Klondike Game Information:

Set out a dream farm in the wild and turn a deserted northern station into a flourishing town.

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Release Date: 20140117

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