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Fabric and cotton

Is there an easier way to get cotton or fabric.  I need a lot and cotton takes too long to wait for. I am frustrated with this and will try anything to not

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Welcome Klondike Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Klondike Cheats Tool - Add Unlimited Emeralds, Coins & Energy

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How Delete Inactive Players?

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👏 You're right! 👏 Congratulations! Grab your HONEY⚡ >> https://goo.gl/M64WuC How is your day going? Comment this post and tell us!

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Test Yourselves 👀 How well do you know collections of Klondike? Find the wrong item in each collection and comment this post with your answers (4 letters). Let's go! ❤️

Likes: 1,849 Shares: 118 Posted:


🌎Favorite Lands of Klondike 🌍 Klondike is very big, it has it all: icy planes, swamps, forests and valleys... What's YOUR favorite permanent land in Klondike? P.S. Do you know how many permanent lands there are today? 😉

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Well done! 👍 You're all real pros at Klondike! Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/vZCLkH"

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🍀 St. Patrick’s Day 🍀 Klondikers, we hope your day is as rich as gold and as colorful as a rainbow! By the way: Do you celebrate this day? How? Tell us all about it in the comments below. P.S. Your bonus >> https://goo.gl/TvHKsX

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❤️ Friday Quiz ❤️ Klondikers, match the items with the locations where you can make them and write your answer in a comment to this post (4 combinations of a number and a letter). It's time to check your knowledge!

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💡Klondike Update💡 DARFOOT - A PERMANENT location in Blue Peaks Valley. Not level locked! - Equipment needed to travel:. Tent & Kerosene Lamp. - The Storage is already there, so don’t worry about losing anything! - Quests in Darfoot open after you arrive to the location OR after completing all quests in Polar-Side. Important: There are 10 quests and 1 major task in Darfoot. Closely follow the quests and get important information about where father’s expedition set out to! ARCHAEOLOGISTS’ HOUSE A special building in Darfoot. It works like the Quarry at your station and is needed to process Amber Resin to extract Diary pages. ** - Amber Resin can also be blown up with dynamite. Enjoy! Grab your bonus » https://goo.gl/gr1i27

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👉 Spoiler 👈 Tomorrow we're getting a permanent land! Here's a small crossword... solve it to find out what the location will be called! 😉 By the way, you found all all the donuts yesterday, so here is your thank-you >> https://goo.gl/LU8UPY

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🔎 Missing Donuts 🍩 Can you help Hedgehog find all the DONUTS? Count them all and comment this post with the right number! Let's help the little guy! ❤️

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It's Monday! 😉 And a brand new week in Klondike! 👉 What are you doing this Monday? Comment this post and share with us! P.S. Feel free to include photos too!

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👍 Nice! 👍 Klondikers, here is your BONUS >> https://goo.gl/VkknqA How are your adventures in Florium going? <3

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Spot the Items! 🔎 Look at the picture and try to find out which shadow is an odd one and is not presented by an item on the image. Write your guesses in the comments and come back for the BONUS tomorrow!

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What's in a name?.. 🤔 All names have meanings! Not only the historic definitions, but stories related to why we were named one way or another. We’re curious to know: What does YOUR name mean? Share the stories and meanings behind your names!

Likes: 2,540 Shares: 105 Posted:


🎓 Klondike Dos and Don’ts 🎓 Klondikers, let’s share our wisdom of the game <3 Leave YOUR top dos & don’ts in the comments to this post! Let’s pass the knowledge! P.S. Don't forget the bonus >> https://goo.gl/vvznGC

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Update has just reached Klondike! 🎉 FLORIUM - A temporary location near your station. The location will disappear on March 14, 23:59 PST whether you have made your first trip or not. - There is an in-game instruction with all the important info available.) - All you need to travel is a Kerosene Lamp. - The Storage building with key crafts is already there, so don’t worry about losing your stuff. - Florium has 1 major goal: find all Flower Peacocks. NOTE: BE SURE TO CAREFULLY FOLLOW THE QUESTS!!! THE MECHANICAL FLOWER - Clear the location and find the Mechanical Flower. - You’ll need to find the Sun Beams and Wonderbloom Pollen to fix it. - The Sun Beams and Wonderbloom Pollen can be found in Wonderblooms and Sun Crystals in Florium. - You can make Spring Coins in the Mechanical Flower. Swap them for useful materials at the Trader's in Florium. TRADER - You can find the Trader in Florium. - Swap Spring Coins and emeralds for useful materials! FLOWER PEACOCKS - There are 5 Flower Peacocks in Florium. - Find them to complete the major goal. P.S. Clear Florium completely to get a unique decoration: Mechanobloom. Enjoy and grab your bonus » https://goo.gl/QwAeqj

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👉 Klondike Spoiler… You read that right, we’re updating this WEDNESDAY! A fun spring temporary land for you to explore 😉 So, let's have a neighbor fair! Here you can find new friends and neighbors or partners! Just post your ADD-ME messages. Comment this post with: • Your UID (the number below your game screen - your game ID); • Your ADD-ME message; We would like to remind you that you can become neighbors with players without friending them on Facebook. In order to do so, click the Neighbors button on your friends bar and send out requests to random players or particular people (using their game ID). Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/Tt74qm ❤️

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Friends, don't forget that Klondike has an awesome feature - Partners! 😉 Watch the video and go get a partner in Klondike!

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Thank you for your help! ❤️ The "C" shard is indeed the right one! Here's your sweet thanks >> https://goo.gl/7VTaSv We hope you're having a great Sunday!

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Help wanted! 🔎 Our little friend broke his lantern, but it can be fixed! Write which piece you choose in the comments under this very post. Let's fix the lantern together!

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❤️FAQ: TRAVELING There are two main means of traveling in Klondike: sled and plane. 👉 SLED At the beginning of the game you have a Small Sled that can’t take you far. The sled itself weighs nothing. The equipment inside the sled has a certain weight. Once you want to set off for a longer and more distant journey, you can either get a new, bigger and better sled at the Market, or upgrade your sled into a better one: 👉 In Wind’s Song you can turn your Small Sled into a new sled called Light Wind. This will give you +20 kilos of cargo and 25 extra kilometers with no need for a break. 👉 In Aery you can transform the Light Wind sled into Eagle Sled. Eagle Sled can carry 300 kilos of cargo. 👉 Use Eagle Sled to make a Shaman Sled in Polar-Side. As a result, you will get to ride 150 kilometers without a break and carry 400 kilos of cargo. The dogs will start to eat porridge + fish. 👉 In Indigo you get to turn Shaman Sled into Indigo Sled. It can travel 180 kilometers and hold 800 kilos of cargo. Dogs feed on fish. 👉 The final transformation takes place in Indim, where you can turn your Indigo Sled into a Two-horse Harness. The sled capacity will rise to 900 kilos and the horses will eat Horse feed. In the Market you can buy the Large Sled for coins: Large Sleds - (Distance: 100 km; load: 250 kg) A large sled with two Eskimo dogs. Eskimo dogs feed on porridge. You can also buy sleds in the Market for Emeralds: 1) The Modern Sled - (Distance: 210 km; load: 1000 kg) An aluminium sled harnessed with 6 Huskies ensures the biggest capacity and the highest speed a sled can offer. Huskies feed on fish. 2) Freight Sled - (Distance: 150 km; load: 600 kg) All the dogs in the team are Huskies, which increases the distance the sled can cover, as well as its speed. Huskies feed on fish. ***Sleds purchased from the market CANNOT be upgraded. Note! Once you transform your sled into a better one, the old sled disappears! If you buy a sled at the Market, the old sled goes to your Storage. 👉 SLED UPGRADES Here are the 2 correct ways of installing upgrades on your sled: 1. Click on your sled -> Click on one of the “+” buttons and buy one of the upgrades. 2. Buy one of the upgrades in the Market (Section: Animals – Dogs) ->Click on your sled -> Click on one of the “+” buttons ->Scroll all the purchase options until you find the Upgrade you have already bought with an “Install” button -> Click on this button to install the upgrade. Note: if you buy an upgrade in the Market, then load it to your sled from the Storage, this upgrade will reach the sled as cargo: it will occupy space inside the sled and will not improve the sled’s characteristics. You cannot remove a temporary upgrade or change sleds while they are in use or they are lost! 👉 BYPASSING LANDS? EASY! Did you know that you can also bypass lands when traveling to faraway lands? All you need to do is go to your map, select a land between your Station and your destination, and click on it: when the land’s travel window will appear, just click the button with a little striped cone next to the FLY FOR button (bottom right corner of the land’s window), it will allow you to pass the land without a stop! You can select to pass as man lands as your equipment allows. ;) 👉 PLANE In order to get a Plane, you need to buy an Aerodrome at the Market. Aerodrome costs 250K coins and is available from level 35. Once you complete the construction of the Aerodrome, there will appear a Plane and all the locations that are currently available in the game will be opened. Aerodrome construction stages: 1. 20 boards + 7 veneer + 7 beam 2. 20 bricks + 3 pipes + 1 buffet 3. 3 slate + 3 windows + 1 plaid throw - The Plane is fueled by Kerosene. - You need OIL, STEELWORKS and OIL REFINERY to make KEROSENE. To Find Oil Derricks and pump Oil: The Oil Fields, a land that once visited disappears after 28 days Southern Reach, Wallmond, Aurora and Sol all have oil which is used to make kerosene. - Upgrade your Oil Derricks right away to extract the maximum amount of oil from each (2500 oil per upgraded derrick). - The amount of Kerosene required depends on the distance of the flight and the weight of the cargo and equipment inside the sled. - Cargo capacity of the Plane equals to the capacity of your sled. - You can also use Weather Vane buffs to fly using half the Kerosene needed! - Sled upgrades work in a particular manner when you travel by Plane: Equipment fastener makes the equipment have zero weight, thus making trips (no matter how far) without any other cargo cost you only 1 Kerosene. Falling back works the way it should, but never expires (the days are not counting). Reinforcer gives you the extra cargo, but doesn't affect your speed. Navigator, Skids Grease and Soft Harness do not work at all and do not expire. IMPORTANT: Do not ignore your sled! It’s the main means of transport, keep it upgraded, it is far more economical for hauling loads than the plane and the food for dogs is renewable. Oil and kerosene for the plane are not renewable materials!

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"🚉 Railway update in Klondike 🚉 Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/kP7GfN ❗ 13th RAILWAY LOCATION IS NOW AVAILABLE ❗ MINES - The storage is the TENT, which is also your HOME STORAGE. - Follow the contract** quests closely and pay attention to the people you meet; they have a lot of useful info to share with you! ** - The contract icon will be in the right part of your screen! Adventures continue in the new railway land! IMPORTANT You can have 1 railway location open at a time. Once you clear the tunnel and travel to the next land you have 24 hours to finish the first one. After this time the land will be closed and you cannot go back. 👆 More lands will be added to the Road to Dawson in future updates!

Likes: 4,355 Shares: 345 Posted:


🚂🚃Klondike Spoiler🚃🚃 Thank you for your votes yesterday! We have forwarded them to the dev team to help them plan further updates. Meanwhile, tomorrow we’re setting out to MINES, a brand new railway location. P.S. We know that some of you have experienced troubles with receiving the Update Teaser bonus, so here’s another one for you >> https://goo.gl/QkgrSK ;)

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Hey, Klondikers! 😉 We're very curious to know what you like more...

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Once upon a time! Today is a very fun holiday… it’s Tell a Fairytale Day! It’s a day to explore all kinds of tales: from grim tales of the old to our favorite fairytales of today! Klondikers, do you have a favorite fairytale? P.S. Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/Q6N5oT

Likes: 5,127 Shares: 464 Posted:


You did it, Klondikers! You sure know your sudoku! ❤️ Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/ymA6PD

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Let's Sudoku 👉 Look at the picture and try to solve the Sweet Sudoku! What item should go in the top marked corner? Leave your answers in the comments below to win a dessert tomorrow!

Likes: 2,969 Shares: 158 Posted:


🎶 Friday Plans 🎶 Ah, the end of the week is here! ❤️ Klondikers, do you have any Friday plans? Maybe you have a special way to spend your Fridays? Let's share our Friday life-hacks! P.S. Feel free to include photos of memorable Fridays! Don't forget the bonus >> https://goo.gl/pJjYJX

Likes: 4,611 Shares: 372 Posted:


🏆 MARATHON 🏆 PARTICIPATION IS OPTIONAL! If you don’t want to take part in the marathon, just ignore the timer and explore Winterspring Symphony at your own pace!!! The awards for the marathon are amazing so be sure to read the info about it here >> facebook.com/notes/klondike-game-fans/klondike-marathon-guide/1864740400427808 WINTERSPRING SYMPHONY - A TEMPORARY location near your Home Station. Will disappear on February 28, 23:59 PST whether you have made your first trip or not. - The Storage building is already there, so don’t worry about losing anything. - You will have 2 major tasks: find 10 Marathon Rings & get 175 Sports Awards back! WINTER PART OF THE LAND - The winter part of the land has Winter Caches that have Winter Spirit in them. - Use the Winter Spirit to craft useful items in the Storage Building. SPRING PART OF THE LAND - The spring part of the land has Snowdrops that have Spring Spirit in them. - Use the Spring Spirit to craft different useful item in the Storage building. FOX HOLES & SPORTS AWARDS - There are fox holes all over the land, lure the foxes with Fox Treats from their holes to get Sports Awards. - Fox Treats can be made in the Storage Building. - Each fox can be fed 5 times by 2 Fox Treats; the fox will bring 5 Sports Rewards each time you feed it. - Use the Sports Rewards for crafts in the Marathon Kitchen (a special building that you can build in Winterspring Symphony to get access to great crafts). MARATHON PRIZES This time we have added crafts to the marathon prizes! You can craft Energy Snacks and different Buffs! All who manage to clear the land in 6 hours will get a special decoration with various crafts inside! :D Grab your update bonus >> https://goo.gl/4Pk4hX

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🏆 Klondike Spoiler 🏆 Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/v8rt1Q Tomorrow we’re getting a marathon… with fun tasks for EVERYONE! Klondikers, how is your Wednesday going? Are you looking forward to the marathon? ❤️

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👉 Do you have a partner in Klondike? This post is about sharing the 💓 for your partners: 1) Tag your partner under this post 2) Write a few words describing why they are the best partner ever We will select 20 players and send a cute unique decoration to them and their partners! You have until February 21, 23:59 PST to leave your comments. ;) P.S. If you don’t have a partner you can look for one under this post too! And don’t forget your bonus >> https://goo.gl/xdZFdq

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The week is alive! With the sound of music... 🎼🎶 Klondikers, it's another Monday and we're curious to know: 👉Do you have any favorite tunes to kick the week off and make your Mondays more fun? Let's start the week off RIGHT!

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💓You did it!💓 You found all the Inuit! Thanks for your help and grab your Sunday bonus >> https://goo.gl/fMjL8S We hope you're having a great day!

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U-oh! Where did the Inuit go? 🔎 Klondikers, can you find all the Inuit hidden in the picture? COMMENT this post with your answers, let's find them all! ;)

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Happy Chinese New Year! 恭祝健康、幸运,新年快乐! Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/4xBiSQ We have prepared a bit of fun for you: Click on the GIF image to stop and get your 2018 PREDICTION! Comment this post and tell us what you got ;) P.S. Did you know that this year is the year of the Dog?

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Update in Klondike 😉 Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/76zqyy What’s new? - A permanent land to explore! - Set out to Pandamo to calm the scared locals and help them restore the Talisman of North! - Bargain time! Check out the Market Sale! PANDAMO - A permanent land in Dragonwing! - Available from level 51! - Equipment needed for the expedition: Snowshoes. - Get Colorful Sparks from frozen rocks in Pandamo; gift them to the Inuit to get Icy Patterns. - You will also find Icy Patterns in the gift boxes that you get for clearing the land. - Use Icy Patterns to restore the Talisman of North! Build it till the end to get a special deco for your Home Station. - Storage: the Igloo. - Quests in Pandamo open after you arrive at the location. - Pandamo has 2 major tasks. Note! There are 7 rewards for clearing the location. - You can also extract coal, clay, and iron in Pandamo. If you need a reminder of how the detectors work, check out this update post: https://goo.gl/XQeNfN

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Klondikers! May your life be filled with love! <3 Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/6CcXQh Do you celebrate this day? How? Share your stories with us! P.S. Tomorrow we’re getting a PERMANENT land to explore! ;)

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Hey, Klondikers! Good job! You did it! Grab your Donuts >> https://goo.gl/NMXWBc Have you enjoyed the Valentine's Day adventures?

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➡ Last Day of EMERALD SALE ⬅ You only have a couple of hours left! Time is running out! Buy Emeralds or Coins NOW and get +100% FREE! You can’t miss it!!! *Hurry up: the sale will be over tonight, at 23:59 (PDT).

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🔎 Klondike Word Hunt 🔎 Hi, Klondikers! Here is a list of words: 1. Painting 2. Sketch 3. Brush 4. Bird 5. Bridge 6. Love 7. Easel 8. Harp 7 words are hidden in the grid and 1 word from the list is MISSING! Can you figure out which words it is? COMMENT this post with the word that is not in the grid! * Words are placed horizontally and vertically. Words can overlap. Have fun and solve the puzzle!

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Results! Woo-hoo! You’re right, item #5 is the exact copy! And your bonus, just as you’ve voted >> https://goo.gl/BM15Xj How is your Sunday going, Klondikers?

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👆 Emerald Sale Reminder 👆 Don't miss it! Here is your Sunday BONUS >> https://goo.gl/ZdU1SL Don't forget that the sale will be over on Monday!

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The Copy Game Let’s test how attentive you are! You can see 5 items in the picture, but only ONE of them is the exact copy of the (item name) from Klondike! Can you spot the EXACT copy? ;) Comment this post with your answer!

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Bonus Vote Klondikers, tomorrow we’re getting a very special mini-game, so today we need your help deciding what kind of a bonus you want for the game! <3

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VALENTINE’S DAY SALE Don’t miss your chance to buy Emeralds & Coins and get +100% FREE! Stock up for your Klondike adventures! Note: The sale will last 4 days and will be over on February 12, 23:59 PST! P.S. Your special bonus >> https://goo.gl/UgtNBc

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😍Valentine’s Day Part2 💝 Read the most important info! Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/wK2CN2 VALLEY OF HARMONY - A TEMPORARY location near your Home Station. It will close on February 14, 23:59 PST whether you have made your first trip there or not. - All you need to travel is a Kerosene Lamp. - The Storage building is already there, so don’t worry about losing your stuff. - Valley of Harmony has 1 major goal: help all the separated animals meet their sweethearts. - This is the second part of a two-part update. - Catch flying hearts over the land to get small prizes! 🧐 Please follow the quests, they will lead you! Note: instruction is available on the left of your game screen! SEPARATED ANIMALS & BRIDGES - Explore the location and find separated animals. - Feed them to get Pink Tree Logs and Gratitude of Animals. - Use Pink Tree Logs to build bridges so the couples can meet. PICNIC FOR TWO - Find a spot for Picnic for two. - Use Gratitude of Animals to prepare a romantic date for your sweetheart. - You’ll get a deco of Picnic for two with useful crafts inside. HARP OF LOVE & LOVE SONGS - You can get another Harp of Love for clearing Valley of Harmony 30%. - Fill the Harp of Love with Love Songs that you can get while building bridges. XO XO, Klondikers ☺

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Klondike Spoiler Grab your Wednesday bonus >> https://goo.gl/DcN9Ff The second location of our Valentine’s Day adventures is almost here! We’re going to set out to a new land to save true love! <3 Are you excited?

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Friendship Fair Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/qRBZU5 So let's have a Friendship Fair! Here you can find new friends and neighbors! Just post your ADD-ME messages. Comment this post with: · Your UID (the number below your game screen - your game ID); · Your ADD-ME message; We would like to remind you that you can become neighbors with players without friending them on Facebook. In order to do so, click the Neighbors button on your friends bar and send out requests to random players or particular people (using their game ID). ***You can add up to 300 neighbors by game ID only and up to 5000 more by friending them on Facebook. Meet new friends in Klondike and play together!

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Monday Questions 😍 Let’s take a small break from all the Valentine’s Day fun. We’re curious: Are you a romantic person? Or do dislike romantic gestures? Comment this post and tell us what you think!

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💓 Yaay! 💓 You did awesome, Klondikers! Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/5Jhhtk Did you enjoy the game?

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<3 Loooove is in the air! Count all the flying hearts in the video, post your answers in the comments to this post and… come back for the prize tomorrow! ;)

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🎓 Marmot Day 🎓 Klondikers, did you know that February 2 is Marmot Day in Alaska? It’s an Alaskan holiday established to celebrate marmots and Alaskan culture. Marmot Day is celebrated on February 2, replacing Groundhog Day with a holiday honoring Alaska's marmots. Legend has it that if the marmot goes back in the hole, there will be 6 more weeks of winter; if it does not go into its hole and stays above ground, winter is over. Do you believe this? Does your country have any curious traditions like Marmot Day? Let’s share! Don't forget the bonus >> https://goo.gl/2UmzeT

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💝 Valentine’s Day Part1🐦 Read the most important info! Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/qgmUfm BIRD FOREST - A TEMPORARY location near your Home Station. It will close on February 14, 23:59 PST whether you have made your first trip or not. - All you need to travel is a Kerosene Lamp. - The Storage building is already there, so don’t worry about losing your stuff. - Bird Forest has 1 major goal: free all the Paradise Bird from their cages. - This is the first part of a two-part update. - Check out the awesome deco at the Market! PLEASE FOLLOW THE QUESTS, THEY WILL LEAD YOU! NOTE: THERE IS AN INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE ON THE LEFT OF YOUR GAME SCREEN! BIRDS IN CAGES & EMPTY NESTS - Explore the location and find Birds in Cages. Open the cages and free the birds. - Find Empty Nests (big trees with empty nests). Click on them to build Birds in the Nest. - Use Brushes from Painter’s Cases to turn the Birds in Nests into Sketches. PAINTER’S CASES & SKETCHES - Find Painter’s Cases and open them to get Brushes. - Use Brushes to turn Birds in Nests into Sketches. - You’ll need sketches to build the Easel. HARP OF LOVE & LOVE SONGS - You will get one Harp of Love, the festive building, in your SPECIAL GIFT BOX. Accept it until February 14, 23:59 PST, set it out on your Home Station. - Fill the Harp of Love with Love Songs, you can get them for opening Cages with Birds, for making Sketches and for finishing the Easel. - You can get another Harp of Love for clearing Bird Forest completely. - You will be able to get another Harp of Love in the second part of the update. ;) P.S. The issue with competition gifts will be resolved within the following hour, thank you for your patience and understanding! <3

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💓 Klondike Spoiler 💓 Kondikers, tomorrow we're getting a Valentine's Day update! Are you excited? Do you like Valentine's Day? P.S. Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/g6iAGp

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🗳️ Feedback Wanted 🗳️ Klondikers, please follow this link and fill out a short survey >> https://goo.gl/N8YrHS P.S. Don’t forget the thank-you bonus at the end of the survey ;)

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✴️ Monday Questions ✴️ The world is full of many wonderful creatures, big and small! Klondikers, what is your favorite animal? Do you know any curious facts about any animal? Share your thoughts and opinions under this very post. ;) Don’t forget your Monday bonus >> https://goo.gl/zf98mQ

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🎁 Yaay! The basket was found! 🎁 Thanks for your help! The penguins have a thank-you gift >> https://goo.gl/ssyXd4 How is your Sunday going, Klondikers?

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🔎 Have you seen the berries?! 🔎 Penguins have misplaced a basket with berries! Can you help them? Find the basket in the grid and comment this post with the coordinates (a letter and a number). Make sure to come back tomorrow to see what the penguins’ thanks will be! 🐧

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🌸Spouse's Day 🌸 Today is Spouse’s Day, Klondikers! It’s an unofficial holiday dedicated to let your spouses know how much they are loved and respected. Of course, you can show your love and devotion to your spouses every day, but everything is more fun if it’s a holiday! 😉 Grab your Friday sweet >> https://goo.gl/yhYTtg

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🐻 Polar Expedition Part 2 🍒 Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/kn3F8d GENERAL INFO Polar Expedition is a temporary location near your station. The location will disappear on January 31, 23:59 PST whether you have made your first trip or not. - All you need to travel is a Kerosene Lamp. - The Storage building with key crafts is already there, so don’t worry about losing your stuff. - Polar Expedition has 1 major goal: find and chase away all the poachers. THERE IS A NEW INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE! FOREST SWEET BUSHES & TEAM COMPETITION - Click on the Bear Camp (a building next to the Storage) and join one of the four RANDOMLY ASSIGNED TEAMS! - Cut Forest Sweet Bushes to get Forest Sweets (berries)! - Use the Forest Sweets (berries) to fill the scale in your personal and team competitions. - New bushes will appear every 30 minutes, but remember to clear them, or you won’t get new bushes! - Each member of each team will get a prize for the team competition! - Team competition results will be drawn on January 31, the results will be available to view on your Home Stations too! NOTE: If you click on the BEAR CAMP, and then go to the YOUR CONTRIBUTION, you will see that for filling the scale with Forest Sweets (berries) you will get different nice prizes. They will go to your Polar Expedition Storage. Have fun!

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🍒 Spoiler 🍒 Grab your Wednesday bonus >> https://goo.gl/KNR8Cr Tomorrow we’re getting the second update of Polar Expedition… and we’ll set out berry picking to help cute little bear cubs! Klondikers, do you like bears? 🐻

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➡ Last Day of EMERALD SALE ⬅ You only have a couple of hours left! Buy Emeralds or Coins and get +100% FREE! Hurry up: the sale will be over tonight, at 23:59 (PST).

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🎉Voting Results🎉 Klondikers, thank you for sharing your opinions! Both fish and kerosene are very useful in travels. Here's some Kerosene for your planes >> https://goo.gl/nV5xze P.S. Don't forget to use your sled, don't let those huskies get bored! ;)

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👉 What do you like more? 👈 Klondikers, what do you like more: 100 Kerosene or 150 Fish? What's more useful at your Home Station? Comment this post and tell us what you think! ❤️

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❤️ Sunday Questions ❤️ Klondikers, it's a lovely Sunday and we're in a curious mood: What's your favorite place in the whole wide world? Comment this post and share your thoughts! Feel free to attach photos too 😉

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Yaay! 🎉🎉 You're right, the third rod is the right one! The Bear is very thankful and he sends a small gift >> https://goo.gl/FJiHMW Thanks for your help!

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🏆 Sale in Klondike 🏆 Emeralds & Coins +100% FREE! You’ve been asking for it, and here it is! EMERALD SALE IN KLONDIKE! Buy emeralds/coins & get +100% FREE! HURRY UP: the sale will last for 4 days and will be over by Tuesday, 23:59 (PST)!

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👉 Help the Bear! 👈 Can you help Bear with his fishing? Find out which fishing rod caught the fish! Comment this post with the right NUMBER and come back for the prize tomorrow ;)

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👏 Contest Winners Announced 👏 Your bonus >>> https://goo.gl/Wuyuzq Dear participants, Thank you all for your fabulous entries and birthday wishes! We've decided that ALL ENTRIES will get either 1st or 2nd place!!! Let us now announce the contest results and congratulate the winners: The winners of the contest are the 71 players who sent us the most impressive entries! Each of these players will receive a unique decoration and a gift box with great gifts! The 2nd prize goes to the rest of the players who sent us their great entries: they get awesome gift boxes with Energy and other great items. Go check your game now: maybe you won the 2nd prize. Congratulations to the winners!

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🐾 Update in Klondike 🐻 ☝️Please read to know all the important info! Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/KLd9gt POLAR EXPEDITION - A temporary location near your station. The location will disappear on January 31, 23:59 PST whether you have made your first trip or not. - There is an in-game instruction with all the important info available. ;) - All you need to travel is a Kerosene Lamp. - The Storage building with key crafts is already there, so don’t worry about losing your stuff. - Polar Expedition has 1 major goal: find and chase away all the poachers. - This is the 1st update; there will be another part next week. NOTE: BE SURE TO CAREFULLY FOLLOW THE QUESTS!!! THE BROKEN MECHANISM - Clear the location and find the Broken Mechanism. - You’ll need to find the missing parts to fix it. ;) - The parts can be found or crafted in Polar Expedition. FROZEN LAKES & WARMBLOOMS - There are 4 Frozen Ponds in Polar Expedition. - You’ll need to find Warmblooms to get Warmbloom Fruit out of them. - Use Warmbloom Fruit to melt the lakes to fish for Ice Bass in them. - Use Hot Hooks to fish for Ice Bass, you can make the hooks in the storage building. P.S. You’ll find parts of the Broken Mechanism in the pond too. ;) POLAR BEARS & ICE BASS - There are 8 Polar Bears in Polar Expedition. - Feed Ice Bass to the Bears to come closer and make some notes about their behavior. - Each feeding will get you 5 Zoological Notes. - You’ll need the notes to craft the missing part of the Broken Mechanism. POACHERS - There are 7 poachers running around Polar Expedition. - Find and chase them away to complete the major goal. Enjoy!

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🎉 Happy Birthday, Klondike! 🎉 Dear Klondikers, thank you for all your lovely wishes and for your support! You are the most amazing players ever!!! We hope that in our 4th year we can bring you many more fun adventures and cool games! Thank you for being with us! ❤️ Your special birthday bonus >> https://goo.gl/xRGKDU P.S. Don't forget to accept the gift and special Birthday Cake from your special gift box. ;) You can accept them until January 19, 23:59 PST.

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🐾 Klondike Spoiler 🐾 Tomorrow we’re getting a temporary land with curious animals… Can you guess what they are? P.S. 5K right answers in yesterday’s mini-game!!! You did amazing, the right answer is 2! Grab your prize >> https://goo.gl/XkXtgq

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👀 Scavenger Game 👀 How are you at hunting? 😉 Look at the picture and spot 1 item that is NOT hidden in it! Comment this post with the NUMBER of the item.

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🎉 Birthday Contest 🎉 Grab your BONUS >> https://goo.gl/Wcufsn Let's have some fun for Klondike's 4th birthday!!! 1. Draw your favorite Klondike characters! You can use whatever you want! Don’t worry; the most important thing is to have fun in the process. Let your imagination flow! Remember: your creation should be your own HAND-MADE original creation. 2. Take a picture of your masterpiece with your Game ID (found below your game screen) and name on a card next to your creation. ** - We will not be accepting entries that do not have user ID number and name in the PICTURE! 3. Be sure not to use any graphics editor; as such editors are strictly forbidden in this contest! Please do not use graphic editors to add your ID!!! Once you are ready, send your entry to our email address: [email protected] with “Birthday Contest” in the letter subject and your user ID number and name in the text of the letter. ** - Entries that do not have a user ID number and name IN THE TEXT OF THE LETTER will not be accepted! Entries submission deadline: January 18, 23:59 PST. All the entries that meet the requirements will be posted in the Competition album of our fan page. Don’t hesitate and vote for the entries you like. (y) All the eligible entries will receive a reward! See the Terms and Conditions here: https://goo.gl/D3tX3f Let's wish Klondike a Happy Birthday!

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❤️Sunday Questions❤️ Klondikers, let’s brighten up this Sunday with some laughter and smiles! We’re curious: What was the most original birthday wish you have ever received? Share your stories in the comments to this post! :D P.S. Don't forget the bonus » https://goo.gl/363NkF

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"🎊 Results 🎊 Wow, nice job! It’s 8 donuts! Grab your sweet bonus >> https://goo.gl/NeUEtp Are you having a good Saturday, Klondikers?

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❤️Birthday Math👍 📢 Can you solve it? Klondikers, we have a fun little math riddle for you! How many DONUTS do you need to put on the last scale to even it out? Comment this post with the NUMBER you get. ;)

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❤️ Birthday Update 👍 Grab the update bonus >> https://goo.gl/vDgyaH 📢 What’s new? - A fun location with awesome prizes! - A market sale with a sweet price for the Bakery! ;) PARADISE - A temporary festive location near your Station. The location will disappear on January 17, 23:59 PST whether you have made your first trip or not. - There is an in-game instruction with all the important info available. ;) - All you need to travel is a Kerosene Lamp. - The Storage building is already there, so don’t worry about losing your stuff. - Paradise has 2 major goals: to find 4 festive numbers & to find 4 more festive numbers. Note: The festive numbers in Paradise will be in different places in the location for each player. - There are three clearing rewards: 20% - Green Postcard that can be turned into a decoration of your choice. 50% - Blue Postcard can be turned into a decoration with crafts of your choice. 100% - Pink Postcard, you can turn it into a special event building of your choice! HAPPY TREES, SECRET POND & GIFTS - Paradise has a number of Happy Trees, cut them out to get Fruit Desserts. - Use Fruit Desserts to fish in the Secret Pond. You can catch energy snacks!!! - There are also gifts all over Paradise, put them in your sled and they will turn into treasures once you unload. P.S. Every player in Klondike has received in their special gift box Roulette with number 1 on it today! Accept it, set it out on your Station and build it. Then upgrade the other Roulettes you might have. 👉The Roulette with number 3 can be upgraded to Roulette with number 4! 👉The Roulette with number 2 can be upgraded to Roulette with number 3! 👉The Roulette with number 1 can be upgraded to Roulette with number 2! 👉The Roulette you receive today will be Roulette with number 1! 👉You can accept the Roulette from your gift box until January 19, 23:59 PST. After this time, it will disappear and will no longer be available. Make sure you log into the game and ACCEPT the roulette before it is gone!

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<3 Klondike Spoiler (y) Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/qTpQJB Tomorrow we’re getting a festive land to celebrate… KLONDIKE’S BIRTHDAY!!! Gifts, decorations and many other wonderful things await in the festive land. ;) By the way, Klondikers, do you remember how old will Klondike be?

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💓 YAY! 💓 All stars are saved! Thanks, Klondikers! Come get your prize >> https://goo.gl/JUazud

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Starry Night 💫💫💫 Oh, no, the wind threw about the stars from Christmas trees all over Klondike! Let’s help this cute husky collect them all to save for the next Christmas! Write in the comments how many stars you see on the image and come back tomorrow for the prize ❤️

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Results 🎈 Take your 10⚡ DONUTS >>> https://goo.gl/Jrg4P4 The stars numbered 14, 6, and 9 make the correct answer for our mini-game! Congratulations! ;)

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Count It! You need to hit 3 stars and score a total of 29 points (the sum of the numbers on the snowballs must be exactly 29). Write the numbers of the 3 right stars as a comment to this post! Ready, steady, shoot!

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Klondike Horoscope 💓 Klondikers, are you eager to know how you will spend 2018? Let’s see… Aries Be sure to protect yourself when you leave for long expeditions, don't forget the Kerosene lamp and socks. Avoid big stones and try to find the easiest path to save some energy. Taurus The goal that you have been working towards seems very distant right now, Taurus. But don't give up, the last grass is hiding somewhere near, chop it and you will get the achievement prize. Gemini You take care of so many things on your own. All those chicken, cows, and cats… you need to go on vacation and rest! Try to escape to Caldos, it’s always sunny there. Cancer Today you're capable of accomplishing wonders. You will manage to complete all temporary quests on time! Good luck! Leo You are the king of the world, never forget it. Even when it seems that everything is against you, just roar and it will destroy the biggest obstacles. Try it! Virgo You’re hiding a whole universe inside you. Share your soul with people around you and they will pay back with help. Libra Got bored? Visit your neighbors and become a friend to your partner. Scorpio Be fair and don’t sting back! Sagittarius The house might seem rather empty today. This is a good time for you to take care of some projects of your own that you've been putting off. Explore new lands! Capricorn Today you might feel a little gloomy without knowing why, Capricorn, and you might spend a lot of time trying to find a reason. Maybe today you miss someone you love too much. Aquarius Spend your hard-earned money on something you dreamed of for so many weeks! Buy a Bakery today! Pisces People can’t read your mind, so let them know what you’re feeling and what you need. Update your wish list of daily gifts at least :) Write in the comments what you expect from year 2018! Get your BONUS >> https://goo.gl/7PjyEV

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➡️Update FAQ⬅️ 🔔What happened to my XP? (XP is short for Experience Points). There has been a adjustment in the amount of XP needed to reach levels 100+ due to a mistake in the game coding. 🔔Have I lost any XP? You have not lost any XP, but the amount of XP needed for your next level has changed. 🔔Will there be more changes? This is a once off adjustment. The change affects all players above level 99 equally, no one player is advantaged by this change. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and support! https://goo.gl/4KSMN9

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❤️Daily Quests in Klondike👍 📢Spread the info! Grab your bonus » https://goo.gl/d5451k STARFALL DAILY QUESTS - A fun line of timed quests! - During the next 7 days you will get 3 quests to complete every day (each quest has 3 tasks). ** You'll get your 1st quests today (January 4) and the last ones on January 10. You will have January 11 and January 12 as spare days to finish up everything. You will find the Telescope in your storage under other after you finish ALL 3 tasks for day one! - All quests will disappear on January 12, 23:59 PST! - You will not get new quests if you haven’t done the previous ones. - You will get Astronomer’s Notes for completing the quests. - Use them to finish building a great Telescope deco with useful crafts inside! ;) Enjoy!

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❤️ Klondike Spoiler 👍 Grab your bouns >> https://goo.gl/81zp7E Tomorrow we’re get daily quests… But for now let’s go stargazing! Do you like watching stars? Do you know the constellations? Comment this post and share with us! P.S. Feel free to guess the constellation in the picture to the post ;)

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Yay!😘 You counted the gifts right! Good job, here’s one for you Klondikers ;) Now tell us, what was the coolest gifts you ever got for Christmas or New Year? By the way, here's your sweet treat! goo.gl/umCZJ3

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Count'em All! 🤩 Hey, the Holidays are over and it's time to sum up how many gifts we got here in Klondike! Look at the picture and count carefully all gift boxes you see. Write in the comments your guesses and come back tomorrow to find out if you were right :) PS You chose the gift box with pears https://goo.gl/Vpywrs

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Happy New Year! Kondikers, 2017 was a big year! We had 54 updates, wow! And it all couldn’t have been possible without… YOU! Thank you, Klondikers, for your support and for the awesome feedback that you always provide. Have a wonderful New Year, may it bring many great things! <3 Love, Klondike Game Fans Grab your special New Year bonus >> https://goo.gl/ei1evc

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🌈 Snowy Winter Fun 🌈 Snow covered trees and bushes. Klondike area is ready for winter activities! We are wondering what your favorite winter activity is. Do you like to roll a snowman? Or you prefer to go skiing? Maybe, all you need is a calm promenade on snow tracks? Share your plans and get the BONUS >> https://goo.gl/Z6i7Hg

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❄️ Frozen Drawing ❄️ The New Year is around the corner and it's getting colder in Klondike… Warm up with a winter mini-game! Download the file from here >> https://photos.app.goo.gl/GbGhPKPT8nk1PQu32 Connect all the dots, and color the image as you wish! Leave your paintings in the comments below and come back tomorrow for a Bonus!

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🌲Festive Update pt.3🌲 📢 Read the info and pass it on! 📢 Grab your bonus » https://goo.gl/M14Atf WINTER FAIR - A festive TEMPORARY location near your Station. The land will disappear on January 3, 23:59 PST whether you have made your first trip or not. - The land is only partly covered by clouds. - All you need to travel is your Kerosene Lamp. - Storage is already available, so you don’t have to be afraid about losing your things (it’s the big clock tower in the center of the land). Winter Fair has a quest line that will start when you make your first trip there. The prize for completing the quests is Christmas Tree Toys! ;) Winter Fair has 7 FAIR STALLS: each Stall has different amazing crafts inside! Be sure to check them all out! P.S. The prize for clearing Winter Fair completely is the Clock Tower deco with CRAFTS inside! Have fun!

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🌲Who will be your Klondike guardian in 2018?💫 We've prepared a very special test for you, Klondikers! FIND OUT your Klondike guardian in 2018 >> https://goo.gl/CMPjUc Don’t forget to come back and share the result in the comments under this very post! A lovely BONUS for you >> https://goo.gl/C5azmh

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❤️ Those sweet 2017 memories!🌲 Klondiker, New Year is just a few days away! Let’s take a moment and remember your most significant moments of 2017 together! Comment this post and share your stories with us! Feel free to include photos too. ;) P.S. Don’t forget to grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/KFqurj

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Merry Christmas! <3 Dear Klondikers, Vizor team wishes you а Merry Christmas! May your life be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish. Let’s share this sweet treat together >> https://goo.gl/8ZZ8EC

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It's Christmas Eve! Klondikers, how are you spending this special time? ❤️ We hope your day is full of joy and magic! Don't forget to send out in-game gifts to your friends and partner! This is the gift-giving season, after all! By the way, we have a little something for you >> https://photos.app.goo.gl/XCmSVJGdzUzaUrwq1

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Yay! Good job, Klondikers! Come grab the BONUS >> https://goo.gl/8jQPwS

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Set out a dream farm in the wild and turn a deserted northern station into a flourishing town.

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