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Energy and gems

I need more energy and gems (I don't know name of them). Can I exchange them for coins? I really need gems, for complete tasks I get 1 or 2 and be honest

  • Posted by AleksandraLexyR
  • 20,846
  • 51

Klondike Game - Tips for Collecting Bonuses

All Klondike bonus links will expire between 5-14 days.If you have not played the game for awhile use the Klondike Bonus Collector here.Klondike Bonus

  • Posted by Raphael
  • 8,164
  • 4

Fabric and cotton

Is there an easier way to get cotton or fabric.  I need a lot and cotton takes too long to wait for. I am frustrated with this and will try anything to not

  • Posted by SheriCronk
  • 6,905
  • 15

Energy Energy Energy

Need help with energy pleaseee idk what to do anymore. Please please help. All the generator are fake. And I have spent alot of money in this game. There has to

  • Posted by Fierce647
  • 2,660

Need Much Energy and Gems

I need So much energy and jems. please can you give me? I am a kondike player. I love this game. But I need more and more Energy and gems. Otherwish I'll

  • Posted by BarbArianNaim
  • 2,719

Leontius mine helper

Hello!Does anyone know or have any working Leontius mine minesweeper helper? I have tryd some what i have found on google and youtube but havent got lucky with

  • Posted by AlvaroMatiViilv
  • 3,209
  • 1

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Welcome Klondike Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by AngelysSantiago
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
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  • 2,649

Despre Joc

  • Started by: ancadoina
  • Game Discussions
  • 64

Disappearing Glue

  • Started by: FlorenceElizabe
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Temple Of Light

  • Started by: NicholeACarter
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  • Started by: user1509316529
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️DAILY QUESTS IN KLONDIKE️ Ahoy, fellow Klondikers! Get yer wooden sabers 'n toy guns ready! We're announcing the JOLLY BREAK! ️ - During the next 7 days, you will get 3 quests to complete every day.... ** You'll get your 1st quests today on May 28 and the last on June 3. You will have 2 days as spare days to finish up everything. - You will not get new quests if you haven’t done the previous ones. - All quests will disappear on June 5, 23:59 PDT. - Complete the quests of Day 1 and you will get the Play Fort base (it will go to your Storage, Other tab). Follow the quests: collect Tiny Tools as a reward and build the greatest Play Fort ever! You can turn the Play Fort from any construction stage from June 6. ️But don't rush: the more stages you complete, the more crafts you will get! Claim your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2X7F1jK


What was your favorite game when you were a child? Do you miss that fun? If you're ready to complete some quests you'll be able to build a fabulous play fort at your station! Get ready, hearties! ️ Grab your sweet bonus >> https://bit.ly/2TEe2Kr


Klondikers, have you tried Facebook avatars? Avatars can be created in the Facebook app on your phone. It's the newest addition to Facebook, so if you don't have this feature available, don't worry, it will be added to your account in the future. You've probably seen some of your friends made their cartoony characters If you want to create your own avatar here's a guide on how to do it >> https://bit.ly/3efYYKE... Are you Team Avatar or Team Picture? Tell us in the comments below! And share your avatars if you enjoy them And don't miss your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2ZKyJrI


FAQ: Buffs Buffs are awesome! Do you know how to use them? Buffs can speed up your production, bring you more experience, make your birds lay more eggs. Buffs can be obtained for completing tasks and clearing lands.... Find the Buff in Storage under the Other Tab and activate it. Activated buffs work in all locations. You cannot have two TYPES of the SAME buff active, e.g. you can’t have Silver Birdy and Golden Birdy active at the same time. However, you can have Silver Birdy and Golden Anvil active at the same time. You can have a maximum of 3 buffs active at the same time. Buffs DO NOT work on items you have already started in factories, they work only on items started AFTER the buff is activated. Here are all buffs in Klondike: Birdy All NEW production from chicken and geese will appear twice as often. Birds will eat and produce eggs twice as fast. Works in all lands where you have birds. - Bronze Birdy works for 45 minutes. - Silver Birdy works for 180 minutes. - Golden Birdy works for 24 hours. Gear Speeds up all production time twice in Furniture Factory, Tannery, Pottery, Tinker Factory, Dairy, Glassblowers, Sawmill, Smithy, Quarry and Spinnery (cuts production time in half). DOESN'T work on the Bakery. - Bronze Gear works for 45 minutes - Silver Gear works for 200 minutes. - Golden Gear works for 24 hours. Monocle All gained XP will be doubled. - Bronze Monocle works for 60 minutes - Silver Monocle works for 180 minutes. - Golden Monocle works for 24 hours. Weather Vane The plane will use two times less kerosene (flying with an empty load will still use 1 kerosene). - Bronze Weather Vane works for 60 minutes - Silver Weather Vane works for 180 minutes. - Golden Weather Vane works for 24 hours. Anvil Speeds up all production time twice in Timber Works, Metallurgy, Manufactories, Milk Plant, Steelworks and Oil Refinery (cuts production time in half). - Bronze Anvil works for 60 minutes - Silver Anvil works for 300 minutes. - Golden Anvil works for 24 hours. Seal Doubles the worker’s hiring time. - Bronze Seal affects 5 workers. - Silver Seal affects 12 workers. - Golden Seal affects 50 workers. Bell Doubles production from cows and sheep. - Bronze Bell works for 35 minutes - Silver Bell works for 180 minutes. - Golden Bell works for 24 hours. Lemon Powder Halves production time in the bakery for 6 hours. Does work on the mini bakery. Pony Halves production time in factories for 24 hours. How often do you use buffs, Klondikers? What is your favorite one? Grab your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2yv3NRa P.S. Can you find all buffs in the picture? Leave your answer in the comments! 20 lucky Klondikers will get ENERGY TREATS tomorrow! *Don't forget to add your game ID


➡ Last Day of EMERALD SALE ⬅ You only have a couple of hours left! Time is running out! Buy Emeralds NOW and get +200% FREE! The sale will be over tonight, at 23:59 (PDT).... Klondikers, are you participating in COLOR KLONDIKE? Check out this post >> https://bit.ly/3ebVMQm


Klondikers, who are you this Sunday? Learning something like KATE? Tell us about it! Trying an awesome DIY or reading a new book? Cooking extraordinary dishes like PROFESSOR? Spicy sauce or fancy coffee? Show us your culinary masterpiece in the comments!... 🧹 Cleaning the house like LEONTIUS? Are you surprised he's into household chores? Well, if you enjoy explosions you have to face the consequences of your booms Share your cleaning tips with the community! Being a happy lazybones like our buddy the RACCOON? Relaxing, eating, gaming all day? What is your key to a perfect chill-out day? Whatever you're doing, have an awesome Sunday! And don't forget your weekend snack >> https://bit.ly/2A3zNMQ #PlayApartTogether


Color Klondike! We’ve prepared a fun activity for you today! Check out the new Klondike COLOR PAGE!... 1. Follow the link » https://bit.ly/2ywq418 2. Click the image » Right-click menu » Save image to your PC. 3. Find the image in your downloads and color it! You can use pencils, highlighters, paints, or graphic editors: anything you like! Feel free to experiment with colors or add more details to your picture Comment this post and SHARE YOUR RESULTS! P.S. Don’t forget to add your ID! All artists will receive some delicious energy snacks! ️Entries submission deadline: May 25, 23:59 PDT. Grab a small inspirational treat >> https://bit.ly/2XqC7oT


EMERALD SALE IN KLONDIKE Buy Emeralds NOW and get +200% FREE!!! That’s right! +200% BONUS! You can’t miss it!... Klondikers, have you already visited the Goldver Valley? Tell us in the comments below! And don't forget your bonus >> https://bit.ly/3eaRIQb


Contest Winners Announced Dear participants, Thank you all for your amazing entries! The world of Klondike is filled with love, support, and positive vibes!... Let us now announce the contest results and congratulate the winners: The winners of the contest are the 41 players who sent us the most impressive entries! Each of these players will receive a fabulous box with great gifts! The 2nd prize goes to the 65 players who sent us their great entries: they get awesome gift boxes with energy and useful items. The 3rd prize goes to 82 players and their lovely entries! Cool gift boxes await you! Congratulations to the winners! 🥳 Check out all these creative messages in the album >> https://bit.ly/2WT5gtQ


Every adventurer in Klondike knows the legends about the united tribe of the Blue Wolves and the Red Eagles. Why did the tribe split up? Let's explore the marvelous Goldver Valley and find out what happened there! GOLDVER VALLEY A TEMPORARY location near your Home Station.... It will disappear on June 3, 23:59 PDT whether you have made your first trip or not. - This land has 3 levels. - The Storage buildings are available on EACH level, so don’t worry about losing your things. Each level has 1 major goal: - the Goldver Valley: Feed all Deer. - the Moon Valley: Inspect all Capybara Totems. - the Sun Valley: Inspect all Toucan Totems. ️ THERE IS A STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE >> the icon in the left side of your screen (under special gifts). Please follow the quests and the instruction, they will guide you! THE MOON VALLEY Wolves Chase away 4 bandits* and get 4 Cage Keys. You'll need them to free the wolves. The poor animals were held captive, so now they need something to restore their strength. * Loud Bullets can be made in the storage building. Blue Cherries Find the Blue Cherry Tree and collect Blue Cherries using the Cherries Processing Wigwams. Give these cherries to the wolves and they will bring you gifts! Collect more cherries and use them to swap for useful items and decorations in the Wigwams of the Blue Wolves. Wolf Totems Bring 4 wolves to the small totems using the Move tool. Restore all small totems, then you'll be able to restore the big Wolf Totem. THE SUN VALLEY Red Branches Find the Eagle Tree and cut out Eagle Bushes around it to get some Red Branches. You'll need them for the Nest Pedestals. Collect more branches and use them to swap for useful items and decorations in the Wigwams of the Red Eagles. Sun Eagles Restore all Nest Pedestals using Red Branches and the eagles will return home. Eagle Totems Chase away 4 bandits and get the Sacred Feathers from them. Use the feathers to restore 3 small totems and 1 big Eagle Totem. THE CHOICE The valley is saved, the tribe reunited! The chiefs of the tribe honor you with the right to choose the symbol of the united tribe for the next year. The Blue Wolf or the Red Eagle? The choice is yours! Clear 100% of the SUN VALLEY and get the animated decoration of the Sun Eagle for your home station! Enjoy the update & grab your bonus >> https://bit.ly/3e1ECF1


Who made the Sun and the Moon split up? Where do the red eagles live and what wolves eat blue cherries? The answers await you in the new temporary land! Are you excited, Klondikers? Claim your freebie >> https://bit.ly/36f1RbY


We're ready to reveal the truth! The game designer of the Mazes was inspired by the Titan of Braavos from the Game of Thrones. Have you watched this show? 24 Klondikers guessed it right! They will receive some yummy cookies from the devs! And we'll make sure the game designer watches all the movies you mentioned in the comments to the original Design Inspiration post. ... The game designer came up with the concept, but it was the artist who did the graphic work. Do you like his creation, Klondikers? What would you ask our 3D artists about if you had such an opportunity? Leave your QUESTIONS in the comments below! The LEAD ARTIST of Klondike will choose the most interesting questions and answer in a week or two. And here's the bonus for all inspired and adventurous players >> https://bit.ly/2WJBdom


FAQ: Toolbar Let's brush up on the Klondike Toolbar! Here’s what you can do with your Toolbar:... 1) Red X: cancel all current actions in the game. 2) Full-screen mode (please note, after you go to full-screen, you can click on this button again and go to super full-screen mode). 3) Zoom in. 4) Zoom out. 5) Turn game sounds on/off. 6) Turn game music on/off. 7) Optimal mode: your game animation (like animals moving) won’t be displayed, if you turn on optimal mode, you can click on the same button again and go to super optimal mode. Note: If you have any issues with your game displaying items/animation, we recommend trying the optimal and super optimal modes. 8) Disable/enable scaling: it scales your game plus all your UI controls when you zoom in and out. Klondikers, do you play with sounds on? Do you turn the optimal mode off? Share the screenshots of your toolbar in the comments!


Awesome job, Klondikers! It's Raspberry Chime indeed! Oops, the bear is a sweet tooth and he ate the whole treat! But he cooked something much yummier for you Grab your reward >> https://bit.ly/365bcmB... Have you cooked anything in Picinicfield? Are you enjoying this land? Share in the comments below!


It looks like the bear decided to join our picnic adventure! This cute guy is cooking something delicious for us, but what is it? Can you tell the recipe by 5 ingredients in the picture? Hint: check out the Bakery and the Dairy to refresh your memory. Leave your answers in the comments below and tomorrow the bear will bring you a bonus! ... If we get more than 2K answers the bear will cook more goodies on Monday, and we'll give them away to 20 lucky Klondikers! Don't forget to add your game ID.


It's CONTEST TIME in Klondike! Klondikers, let's share our positive vibes, gaming wisdom, and have fun! The rules of the contest are simple:... 1. Create a 'Message to Klondike' at your station. You can use whatever you want: flowers, buildings, ponds, or cows! Your message can be a word, a phrase, a smiling face, a heart, or anything you want! Let your creativity shine! And don't forget that we are a kind and respectful community! 🥰 2. Make a screenshot of your Message. 3. Post the screenshot to the comments under this post and add your game ID. Deadline: May 21, 23:59 PDT! The most creative works will be rewarded with awesome prizes! Here's a bonus to inspire your muse >> https://bit.ly/2LtfzhS


Who's a foodie here? Grab your forks & spoons and set out to... PICNICFIELD A TEMPORARY location near your Home Station.... It will disappear on May 20, 23:59 PDT whether you have made your first trip or not. The Storage building is already built, so don’t worry about losing your things. Picnicfield has 1 major goal: - Clean all Fountains and Ponds. The reward for completing this task in a new energy snack: the Berry Soda! ️ THERE IS A STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE >> the icon in the left side of your screen (under special gifts). Please follow the quests and the instruction, they will guide you! COOKING EQUIPMENT Find all cooking equipment in the location: - Grill - Veggie Grill - Barbecue - Deep Fryer - Fish and Chips Cart - Soda Freezer Each of these is needed to make amazing dishes for your picnic! FOOD SUPPLIES Find all Boxes with Food Supplies and collect supplies needed for the cooking equipment. Add Food Supplies to the equipment and make yummy goodies: - Barbecue Sausages - Grilled Vegetables - Deep-fried Chicken - Fish and Chips - Salmon Steak - Watermelon Soda You need to complete this process 3 times for each treat. PICNIC PLACES Find 3 places for a picnic, clean them, and place the dishes there. Clean 100% of the location and get the SODA FREEZER to produce the Berry Soda at your home station! You can make 30 drinks in the freezer. After you're done with sodas, sell the Freezer and get some useful items and the Soda Freezer decoration! Don't forget your sweet bonus >> https://bit.ly/3fKKfJs P.S. Klondikers, your feedback on the location is much needed and welcome in the comments!


Who can throw the greatest party in Klondike? Hint: he was the one who organized our birthday in his manor last year. Guess what yummy goodies we're going to make tomorrow with our old friend! Your bonus >> https://bit.ly/35Uh5Df... P.S. What dish did you make at home today, Klondikers? Photos are welcome


Where does our designers' inspiration come from? A book, a movie, or a show can be a great source of ideas. Klondikers, can you guess which story inspired the designer to create the new Maze Keeper? We'll post the answer in a week, and if your guess is correct you'll receive a nice bonus! ... Don't forget to add your game ID Claim your freebie >> https://bit.ly/2xWsGVD


FAQ: Area Maps Klondike map is divided into areas. All areas contain specific locations. If one of the areas on you map is covered in clouds then you will have to make the map to unlock it. If there are no clouds then the area is already open to you, you cannot make a map and you don't need one. ... Here’s a list of where you craft each map: • Khan Mires Map: Made in Darfoot (Blue Peaks Valley) • Dragonwing Map: Made in Mirages (Khan Mires) • Nameless Forest Map: Made in Mirages (Khan Mires) • Golden Canyon Map: Made in Greenlee (Nameless Forest) • Emerald Valley Map: Made in Beorn (Golden Canyon) • Extinct Sea Map: Made in Greenday (Emerald Valley) • Wolf Heath Map: Made in Aery (Blue Peaks Valley) • Cold Lands Map: Made in Gold Rush (Golden Canyon) Klondikers, how many areas have you opened? What area are you exploring?


️ Klondike Puzzle Reward ️ Well done, Klondikers! It's number 4. Grab your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2YKQ4R9... How's your day going? We hope you're enjoying this Sunday. Let's share our positive vibes in the comments!


Happy Mother’s Day! Dear Klondikers! We are delighted to congratulate you, your families and your loved ones with Mother’s Day!... Hooray for all the moms! Mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, godmothers, aunts, wives, partners, friends, mentors: you are truly the glue that holds the world together! May your days be filled with happiness, beauty, and love! If you wish to congratulate your fellow Klondikers, mothers, sisters, and just friends, leave your wishes in comments to this post! P.S. You have seven days to accept your Mother's Day gift box from the devs. And here's a sweet pie to celebrate this amazing day >> https://bit.ly/2zhXYH0


➡ Last Day of EMERALD SALE ⬅ You only have a couple of hours left! Time is running out! Buy Emeralds NOW and get +200% FREE! The sale will be over tonight, at 23:59 (PDT).... Klondikers, share your feedback on the Mazes in the comments! Do you like the design? What about the resources? Are you going to swap for the goodies with the Trader or Smuggler? All info you give us matters!️


Klondike Puzzle Can you find the missing piece? Write the correct number in the comments and come back tomorrow. The more right answers we get, the greater the bonus will be!... Add your game ID and participate in the giveaway! If we get more than 2K answers in 24 hours 20 lucky Klondikers will receive energy treats on Monday!


EMERALD SALE IN KLONDIKE Buy Emeralds NOW and get +200% FREE!!! That’s right! +200% BONUS! You can’t miss it!... ️Mazes secret SPINNER updated information! The spinner in the 4th maze can be used every 20 hours, not 6! We fixed the update post and we're sorry for this confusion. Here's a special bonus for you, dear Klondikers >> https://bit.ly/2ziXTTh


⛏ MAY-ZES IN KLONDIKE ⛏ Join Archaeologist Irwin and Professor and explore the new mazes! - TEMPORARY UPDATE, all Mazes will disappear on May 20, 23:59 PDT.... - All Mazes can be accessed via the special icon under your Special Gifts (left side of your screen). - All tasks can be seen via another icon on the left side of your screen. - 4 locations that must be done in succession (one after another). - Home Storage is available in all maze lands; all cut out objects automatically go to storage. - All items and treasures are generated randomly for each player! - A maze is considered done when you find and open the treasury. You'll need 3 Ancient Relics to complete Mazes 1-2. They can be found in Chests with the Relic. You'll need to find 3 Levers to complete Mazes 3-4. Complete all 4 Mains Mazes and get a special building with amazing crafts: the Ancient Aquarium! - Each maze has 15 chests with Red Acionide. - Each maze has a TRADER, swap Acionide for amazing gifts! P.S. Acionide from the previous update can be used too! ️THE 4th MAZE HOLDS A SECRET️ There's a SMUGGLER there! Try to find this sneaky guy, he has some special goods to offer! Try to find the secret SPINNER in the 4th Maze! Spin it every 20 hours and collect more goodies! ⛏ ENDLESS MAZES⛏ Done with the 4 mazes and want more? The Endless Mazes are here! - After you are done with the 4 main mazes, you can enter the endless mazes! - Once you enter the Endless Mazes, you will receive the base of the Maze Keeper, it’s a special statue that can be built with Statue Pieces and turned into a building with crafts. - 10 Statue Pieces are awarded to you after you complete 5 endless mazes. The more pieces you get, the more you can add to the Maze Keeper Statue. - The Maze Keeper can be turned into a building with crafts from any stage, but the more stages you complete, the more crafts you will have. - Complete as many mazes as you can before they disappear and get a chance to win a special decoration with crafts! ATTENTION! You cannot return to a previous maze in the Endless Mazes. - Complete at least 10 endless mazes and get a guaranteed reward! IMPORTANT: You don’t need to clear the mazes completely, a Maze is considered done when you find and open the treasury! - Each endless maze has 5 chests with Red Acionide. - You can meet the Smuggler in 1 out of 6 Endless Mazes. - The maze with the Smuggler has 5 chests with Blue Acionide. * Maze Keepers from all previous updates can be sold now. Enjoy the update and grab your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2SJU3JT


Archaeologist Irwin and the kingdom of the Ancient Relics are waiting for us! What mysterious civilization made drawings on the walls of Klondike Mazes? Find out tomorrow! And don't forget the bonus >> https://bit.ly/35BfUIF... P.S. Are you excited to explore the new mazes, Klondikers?


Klondike Game Information:

Set out a dream farm in the wild and turn a deserted northern station into a flourishing town.

Facebook Stats & Data:

Last Update:

Monthly Users: 100,000

Weekly Users: 100,000

Daily Users: 100,000

Monthly Users Rank: 1,183

Daily Users Rank: 500

Fan Page Likes: 0

Fan Page Talking About Count: 9,252

Platform: Facebook

Game Types: Simulation

Company: Vizor Interactive LLP

Website: https://apps.facebook.com/klondikegame/

Release Date: 20140117

Game Status: Active