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Energy and gems

I need more energy and gems (I don't know name of them). Can I exchange them for coins? I really need gems, for complete tasks I get 1 or 2 and be honest

  • Posted by AleksandraLexyR
  • 8,932
  • 28

Fabric and cotton

Is there an easier way to get cotton or fabric.  I need a lot and cotton takes too long to wait for. I am frustrated with this and will try anything to not

  • Posted by SheriCronk
  • 4,582
  • 15

Klondike Game - Tips for Collecting Bonuses

All Klondike bonus links will expire between 5-14 days.If you have not played the game for awhile use the Klondike Bonus Collector here.Klondike Bonus

  • Posted by Raphael
  • 2,977
  • 1

Leontius mine helper

Hello!Does anyone know or have any working Leontius mine minesweeper helper? I have tryd some what i have found on google and youtube but havent got lucky with

  • Posted by AlvaroMatiViilv
  • 1,303
  • 1

Workers Hours

Workers HoursHow are they worked out?I have an item I am trying to collect that takes 2hrs to be made and can only find workers that work 1 hr 45 mins???? Any

  • Posted by LeonieMutimer
  • 1,053
  • 1

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Welcome Klondike Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by PaulaMoodItani
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by DarrenGlass
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
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Disappearing Glue

  • Started by: FlorenceElizabe
  • Game Discussions
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Temple Of Light

  • Started by: NicholeACarter
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  • Started by: user1509316529
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How Delete Inactive Players?

  • Started by: MariaNikolova
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winter fairytale klondike map leontius mine klondike bonus midnight cave klondike cheats

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(y) DAILY QUESTS IN KLONDIKE (y) - A fun line of timed quests! - During the next 7 days, you will get 3 quests to complete every day (each quest has 3 tasks). ** You'll get your 1st quests today on March 21 and the last on March 28th. You will have 2 days as spare days to finish up everything.... - You will not get new quests if you haven’t done the previous ones. - All quests will disappear on March 30, 23:59 PDT. - Complete the quests of Day 1 and you will get a Spring Bouquet base (it will go to your Storage, Other tab). Follow the quests; collect First Flowers as a reward and finish the construction of the Spring Bouquet. You can turn the Bouquet from any construction stage, but thee more stages you complete, the more crafts you will get! Enjoy and don't forget your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2UM6OSY

Likes: 16 Shares: 202 Posted:


Klondikers, are you excited for some spring daily quests?

Likes: 19 Shares: 114 Posted:


➡ Last Day of EMERALD SALE ⬅ You only have a couple of hours left! Time is running out! Buy Emeralds NOW and get +200% FREE! The sale will be over tonight, at 23:59 (PDT).... P.S. grab your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2TUl5zY

Likes: 2 Shares: 162 Posted:


Klondikers, what did you enjoy the most about the St. Patrick's Day update? We'd love to hear your feedback!

Likes: 13 Shares: 27 Posted:


FAQ: LEVELS As you know, Klondike has levels and XP (experience points). Each level requires a certain number of XP points that you get for completing quests and other in-game actions. Here's a great list of required XP for each level and the perks you get when leveling up: https://bit.ly/2HDywxz... P.S. Grab your bonus for the Sunday game>> https://bit.ly/2HEm8NN

Likes: 23 Shares: 228 Posted:


It's Sunday and time for a fun game of Spot the Difference! How many do you count?

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EMERALD SALE Buy Emeralds and get +200% FREE!!! You can’t miss it! P.S. Grab your mini-game bonus >> https://bit.ly/2O5dWHM

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Can you count all the shamrocks?

Likes: 17 Shares: 76 Posted:


CLOVERLAND - TEMPORARY festive location next to your Home Station. It will close on March 20, 23:59 PDT whether you have made your first trip or not. - All you need to travel is a Kerosene Lamp. - The Storage building is already there, so don’t worry about losing your stuff. It also has needed crafts!... - Cloverland has 2 major goals: Find and cut out all 15 Shamrocks & Find all 6 Trees with a Pot of Gold and collect the gold. - Check out the awesome Trader on the land! PLEASE FOLLOW THE QUESTS, THEY WILL LEAD YOU!!! NOTE: THERE IS AN INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE ON THE LEFT OF YOUR GAME SCREEN! LEPRECHAUN STATUE You will get one Leprechaun Statue, the festive building, in your SPECIAL GIFT BOX. Accept it until March 20, 23:59 PDT, set it out on your Home Station. Use Brave Ale to fill the Statue and turn it into a heap of gifts. BRAVE ALE Brave Ale can be made in the Ale Brewery in Cloverland. Ale is made from Hops that can be obtained from Hops Grass. Brave Ale is needed to complete quests and to build your Leprechaun Statue. ***Brave Ale will go to the cargo section of your sled and will need to be unloaded manually. LEPRECHAUN COINS Leprechaun Coins can be obtained for clearing the land, completing quests and finding treasures in Cloverland. The coins are needed to swap for items with the Trader of Cloverland. GREEN PAINT & PAINTING RIVERS Green Paint can be made from Green Powder that can be extracted from Green Ore via the Archeologists’ House. The Archeologists’ House needs to be built first (you will see a construction plot). Green Paint is made in the Cloverland Factory (the Factory also has useful crafts inside!) To paint the rivers, you need to CLICK on the parts of the river and complete use the Paint and other items. FESTIVE STAGE The Festive Stage has neat crafts available once you complete it. ;) Have fun & grab your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2T4tCvQ

Likes: 3 Shares: 259 Posted:


Klondike on your Desktop Dear players! Our designers have a cute wallpaper for you!... 1. Follow the link » https://photos.app.goo.gl/qQrViQrK59ZQgnY2A 2. Click the image » Right-click menu » Save the image to your PC. 3. Find the image in your downloads and set it as a desktop background (the option is available in the right-click menu).

Likes: 18 Shares: 48 Posted:


Observation Tower info Hey, Klondikers! Did you know you can use your Observation Tower to search for items in all your storages at all lands at once?... Here is how you can do it: • Click your Observation Tower • Hit the Storage tab • Type the name of the material you are looking for into the little text search box • Voila, you can see every storage you have this item in. You can do the same when you need to make/barter an item and you don’t know where you can do it: • Click the Barter tab in your Observation Tower • Type the name of the item you want to make • If you have the needed land's storage building finished, you can see where to make your item. You can also see what ingredients are needed to make it. And finally, you can even load those items to your sled right in the Tower if you have them in storage. Enjoy your Tower and play Klondike wisely!

Likes: 2 Shares: 75 Posted:


Do you have any Klondike resolutions? Let's share! P.S. Thank you for taking part in the mini-game >> https://bit.ly/2HtLwGd

Likes: 28 Shares: 198 Posted:


Klondikers, you need to hit 3 and score a total of 29 points (the sum of the numbers must be exactly 29). Write the numbers of the 3 right stars as a comment to this post! Ready, steady, GO! ;)

Likes: 19 Shares: 92 Posted:


It's International Women's Day! Klondikers, who are the most important women in your life? Who has inspired you the most? Share your stories with us on this special day!

Likes: 17 Shares: 45 Posted:


MARATHON PARTICIPATION IS OPTIONAL! If you don’t want to take part in the marathon, just ignore the timer and explore Butterfly Cliff at your own pace!!! The awards for the marathon are amazing so be sure to read the info about it here >> facebook.com/notes/klondike-game-fans/klondike-marathon-guide/1864740400427808... Butterfly Cliff - A TEMPORARY location near your Home Station. Will disappear on March 13, 23:59 PDT whether you have made your first trip or not. - The Storage building with crafts is already there, so don’t worry about losing anything. - You will have 3 major tasks. THERE IS A STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE >> the icon in the left side of your screen (under special gifts). - You can take part in the marathon until March 12, 17:59 PDT. The results will be announced on March 13th. All prizes are sent once the event has ended. Don't forget to check the SALE in the market for much wanted items :) Grab your update bonus >> https://bit.ly/2HlIljt

Likes: 28 Shares: 194 Posted:


Spoiler Are you ready for a lovely spring land with butterflies? ;) P.S. Don't forget your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2UmGMWf

Likes: 38 Shares: 323 Posted:


FAQ: Trader Icon Did you know Active Traders are marked in the neighbor bar? If you or your neighbors have a Market Stall with an active trade offer, you/your neighbor will be marked with a little SCALE in the neighbor bar (as seen in the post picture).... It can help you keep track of traders. ;)

Likes: 21 Shares: 65 Posted:


Klondikers, the devs need your help! Fill out this short form and help us make Klondike a better game! >>> https://bit.ly/2NFs4Hm << Don't forget the thank-you bonus at the end!

Likes: 25 Shares: 119 Posted:


It's the 3rd and last day of our Challenge! <3 Fill in the form: https://bit.ly/2SzTtv4 The challenge details >> https://bit.ly/2IJC1Vi... If you missed the previous days, no worries! You can fill in all the forms till March 3, 23:59 PST!

Likes: 21 Shares: 102 Posted:


The Klondike challenge continues! Solve today's riddle & fill in the form: https://bit.ly/2BXnYG4 Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the last task!

Likes: 22 Shares: 112 Posted:


Dear Klondikers! We're starting a very special 3-day event, the prizes will be sweeter than usual! ;) Here's what you need to do:... Visit this page daily today through Sunday Fill in each of the 3 Google Forms with your right answers to the tasks; Make sure you carefully type in your game ID (NUMBER ONLY) in the Google Forms; Open the game on Monday to see what you won. Here comes the 1st form to fill >> https://bit.ly/2GSBS02 Good luck with the challenge! P.S. All forms will be closes on March 3, 23:59 PST!

Likes: 23 Shares: 134 Posted:


Klondike on your Desktop Dear players! Our designers have a cute wallpaper for you!... 1. Follow the link » https://photos.app.goo.gl/eVij8CcHYNZMFumF9 2. Click the image » Right-click menu » Save the image to your PC. 3. Find the image in your downloads and set it as a desktop background (the option is available in the right-click menu).

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RAYFIELD RAYFIELD IS A PERMANENT LAND in Wolf Heath. It’s available from LEVEL 50. Required inventory to travel: Axe and Salt Cellar.... You will need to find and build the Storage. Rayfield has 1 major task: find and collect all 15 Wolf Statues. Please follow the quest line, it will guide you!!! RECHARGEABLE DYNAMITE You will find Rechargeable Dynamite set out in Rayfield. - You can use energy to charge the dynamite and then blow it up! - Each dynamite can be charged 3 times! - You can move it with the MOVE tool. - It works on the wolves on the land too. ;) Your update bonus >> https://bit.ly/2EhRvdT

Likes: 34 Shares: 239 Posted:

Klondike Game Information:

Set out a dream farm in the wild and turn a deserted northern station into a flourishing town.

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