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Energy and gems

I need more energy and gems (I don't know name of them). Can I exchange them for coins? I really need gems, for complete tasks I get 1 or 2 and be honest

  • Posted by AleksandraLexyR
  • 22,521
  • 52

Klondike Game - Tips for Collecting Bonuses

All Klondike bonus links will expire between 5-14 days.If you have not played the game for awhile use the Klondike Bonus Collector here.Klondike Bonus

  • Posted by Raphael
  • 9,195
  • 5

Fabric and cotton

Is there an easier way to get cotton or fabric.  I need a lot and cotton takes too long to wait for. I am frustrated with this and will try anything to not

  • Posted by SheriCronk
  • 7,704
  • 15

Hello !

Hello  guys anyoane can help me how can i get this many energy and the kerosene   for air  and no doughnut    :(((  im lvl 52 but im poor in game no

  • Posted by sharonamanda
  • 157

Energy Energy Energy

Need help with energy pleaseee idk what to do anymore. Please please help. All the generator are fake. And I have spent alot of money in this game. There has to

  • Posted by Fierce647
  • 3,620

Need Much Energy and Gems

I need So much energy and jems. please can you give me? I am a kondike player. I love this game. But I need more and more Energy and gems. Otherwish I'll

  • Posted by BarbArianNaim
  • 3,296

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Welcome Klondike Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Despre Joc

  • Started by: ancadoina
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Disappearing Glue

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Temple Of Light

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EMERALD SALE The days are still cold, but the sale is hot! Today through Sunday, buy emeralds and get +200% for free. Don't miss the deal! ... Your bonus >> https://bit.ly/3949mFH Are you having fun in Polar Bloom? Share your first impressions and win ICE CREAM! Submit your feedback until January 24, 23:59 PST ️ Add your GAME ID. On Monday, we'll name 15 lucky winners.


POLAR BLOOM A temporary land near your Home Station. It will disappear on February 3, 23:59 PST whether you have made your first trip or not.... THERE IS A STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE >> the icon on the left side of your screen (under the gift box icon). Please follow the quests and the instruction, they will guide you! The storage building (Camp Lab) is available from the start. This location has 2 levels: - Polar Bloom - Cave There are 2 major goals in Polar Bloom: - Collect all Frostnut Kernels. You can craft swap Frostnuts for useful items in the Camp Lab. Use Igloo to cut down Frostnut trees. - Open the Descent to the Cave. Use Gunpowder to blow up the entrance to the cave and go there. You can find gunpowder in Boxes with Gunpowder in Polar Bloom. Don't miss HINTS & BONUS below ️ FUEL MACHINE ️ You'll need Algae Reports, Volatile Gas, and Polar Lilies to upgrade the Fuel Machine. - ALGAE REPORTS can be collected from the Algae Ponds. - VOLATILE GAS is collected from the Geysers. - POLAR LILIES grow inside the Lily Crystals. There are 12 crystals in the location, but only 8 give flowers. 🛠 BROKEN GATES 🛠 To open the gates, you need to push the Old Levers. Each lever is hidden behind a Back Door, and you'll need Spare Keys to open these doors. You can find them in the Boxes with a Key. ‍ BANDITS ‍ Don't let them escape! Use the MOVE tool to catch the bandits using CAGES. After you got them all, click on PROFESSOR to complete the task. 🛢 EXTRACT🛢 Place all the barrels with Extract around the Fuel Machine. Select the MOVE tool, and the correct spots will be highlighted blue. CAVE Please note that there are NO QUESTS there. You'll have to explore the Cave with no hints. Your path will be blocked by the Underground Gates. Find Crates with Crowbars, obtain Frozen Crowbars, and use them to open the gates. Behind the final gates, you’ll find the MAD MACHINE. It’s a spinner with cool prizes! Now let's see what you can win in the new land! REWARDS Complete all quests in Polar Bloom and get a FUEL MACHINE for your station! It's an awesome building that produces KEROSENE! For completing the Cave mission you’ll get the DEVICE DRAWING. Use it to create the MAD MACHINE in the Camp Lab. Bring it to your station and win goodies every day! There's a secret ROULETTE and a BAKERY in Polar Bloom. Try to find both! Are you ready for the scientific adventure? Which reward would you like to get? Tell us in the comments and grab your bonus >> https://bit.ly/39UORug


Hmm, who is this wise lady, and what is she trying to create? If you want to find the answers, get ready for a new land where the lilies grow in the snow and the nuts are as frosty as ice. Can you guess which Klondike character is this lady's rival? Answer in the comments and win ENERGY! We'll name 15 winners tomorrow. Don't forget your bonus >> https://bit.ly/2LOY1k6


🥳Contest Winners Announced 🥳 Dear participants, Thank you all for your birthday wishes and fabulous entries!... It's time to announce the contest results and congratulate the winners: The winners of the contest are the 11 players who sent us the most creative entries. Each of these participants will receive 30 emeralds, a stick of dynamite, and a gift box with energy snacks! The 2nd prize goes to the 39 players who sent us their cool entries: they get 20 emeralds, awesome gift boxes, and a stick of dynamite. The 3rd prize goes to 14 players and their amazing entries. Lovely gift boxes and 10 emeralds await you! The prizes will be delivered in 24 hours. Check out all works in the contest album >> https://bit.ly/3p0iMHN Congratulations to everyone who participated! ❤ And a bonus for the community >> https://bit.ly/35UfNcl Do you have new contest ideas for us? Share in the comments below


FAQ: Birthday Spinners We keep getting your questions on them, so let's brush up on Klondike yearly spinners! Each year, on Klondike’s birthday, all players receive one roulette. You can spin it every day and win some goodies.... Unfortunately, if you were not playing or didn't accept some spinners from former years you cannot get them now. This year's spinner (Rainbow Year) will have 1 written on it once you place it at your station and build it. If you have spinners from years 1-6 you can now upgrade them. ️As you upgrade your spinners, the number on them will change. Gold Year - 1st spinner, can now be upgraded to 7 Crystal Year - 2nd spinner, can now be upgraded to 6 Diamond Year - 3rd spinner, can now be upgraded to 5 Emerald year - 4th spinner, can now be upgraded to 4 Industrial Year - 5th spinner, can now be upgraded to 3 Year of Change - 6th spinner, can now be upgraded to 2 Rainbow Year - 7th spinner, can not be upgraded, it's the spinner you received this year. Klondikers, how many spinners do you have? Share screenshots in the comments and get a chance to win PIES! 10 winners will be announced on Thursday, add your ID to participate.


Klondike turns 7!


🥳 KLONDIKE TURNS 7 TODAY! 🥳 Dear Klondikers! Another year of exciting adventures in behind. We've met new friends, explored dozens of amazing lands, set sail to our first island, and even traveled through time!... Thank you for being with us, you are the devs' greatest inspiration! We create every update with all our hearts for you.❤ New heights and achievements are ahead. And today, let's celebrate and congratulate each other. A birthday pack full of prezzies is waiting for you in the game! You can accept it until January 24, 23:59 PST. And here's a birthday treat for you >> https://bit.ly/2LXS1VQ


The big day is here and so is the gift box from Kate and Paul >> https://bit.ly/3bH3m7D Click the pic and find the last hidden letter! Now follow this link and type in the KEYWORD >> https://bit.ly/35LZjmS... You need to arrange all the letters you found correctly, and don't forget the letter from the Trader is needed 3 times. On Wednesday, we'll send out cool gifts! Leave ❤ in the comments below if you accepted all the boxes from your Klondike friends! UPD: this giveaway is over now! Everyone who submitted the keyword and ID correctly gets 3 blueberry pies. 10 lucky winners received dynamite! Share what you won in the comments


Gift-a-palooza continues! Accept this box from Leontius >> https://bit.ly/35KHuEH You know what he prepared for his special giveaway, right? ... This guy is obsessed with big bada booms, so answer the question and win DYNAMITE! What Klondike location would you choose for your birthday party? Add your game ID to participate. Leontius will announce 15 winners in the comments on Tuesday. ️And don't forget there's a LETTER hidden in the picture. Click to see


Did you miss Q'orianka? She has a lovely gift box for you >> https://bit.ly/38MMlqU Don't forget to accept all birthday gifts until January 18. Which Klondike character would you invite to your birthday party? Answer in the comments and win more goodies!... Q'orianka will name the lucky 20 next Tuesday. Add your ID to participate. ️Click the picture and find today's LETTER. The grand giveaway is coming soon!


Klondike turns 7!


GIFT WEEK GOES ON Professor brought a gift for all our brave adventurers and tireless explorers >> https://bit.ly/3qhk4OY And he also wants to GIVE AWAY some Instant fertilizers! ... Have you ever forgotten someone's birthday that you should have remembered? Tell us in the comment below and add your game ID. On Monday, Professor will reward 20 lucky players! P.S. The special gift links work until January 18. ️And don't forget to click the picture and find a LETTER.


ICY LANDS A temporary land near your station. It will close on January 20, 23:59 PST whether you have visited it or not.... THERE IS A STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE >> the icon on the left side of your screen (under the gift box icon). Please follow the quests and the instruction, they will guide you! The storage building (Tent) is already there. This location has 1 level and 1 major goal: Open all Snowy Stashes. Each stash contains some useful items. Hints & bonus below PEA SOUP Find Boxes with Provision and collect Pea Bars. Use them to cook Pea Soup over the FIRE, and then restore the Shabby Tent. ️You can also make some MULLED WINE! Each portion gives +45 energy.️ DEFROSTING Find Beech Trees and cut them down. Use White Beech Wood to start the fires around the plane, and then click on the plane to defrost it. REPAIRING Find piles with spare parts and collect Plane Parts. Use them to fix the plane and help the pilot return home. That's not all! KLONDIKE SPINNERS A new festive spinner is available: RAINBOW YEAR! All Klondikers will receive the roulette with number 1 on it. Accept it, set it out on your station and build it. Then upgrade the other roulettes you might have: Roulette #6 can be upgraded to Roulette #7. The Roulette #5 can be upgraded to Roulette #6. The Roulette #4 can be upgraded to Roulette #5. Roulette #3 can be upgraded to Roulette #4. Roulette #2 can be upgraded to Roulette #3. Roulette#1 can be upgraded to Roulette #2. The roulette you receive today will be Roulette #1. ️You can accept the Rainbow Year roulette from your gift box until January 24, 23:59 PST.️ After this time, it will disappear and will no longer be available. Make sure you log into the game and ACCEPT the roulette before it is gone! Leave emojis in the comments if you've already accepted the spinner! Now grab your bonus and enjoy the adventure >> https://bit.ly/2Lo96Zn


Another day, another gift! Dull Echo is sending you warm hugs from the North and a gift box >> https://bit.ly/3i9i6gz The link works until January 18.... Don't miss the third letter hidden in the picture below! Save it until Sunday Klondikers, how would you celebrate your perfect birthday?


Someone is in big trouble in the Icy Lands! The poor guy is freezing, and we'll need the hottest fire to make some nice warming pea soup. What is the best comfort food on a cold day? Share your top winter recipes in the comments below and win PIES! 15 winners will be announced tomorrow, don't forget to type your game ID.... Your freebie >> https://bit.ly/2XBk5kE


The Trader has a special gift for all the avid Klondikers >> https://bit.ly/39ue1zX Remember: the gift links work until January 18.... A letter is hidden in the picture. Click to find it! Don't forget to write it down. On Sunday, you'll be able to make up a keyword for the birthday giveaway. Today's letter will be used three times! What is the best gift you've ever received?


Klondike Birthday Contest The big day is coming this week! Congratulate us and win awesome prizes CONTEST RULES... 1. Make a birthday card for Klondike. ️Your creation must contain the special number: 7️ Use whatever you want. You can even bake a cake in the shape of 7! Just let your imagination flow! And remember: your creation should be your own HAND-MADE original work. 2. Take a picture of your masterpiece with your game ID and name on a card next to your creation. We will not be accepting entries that do not have a user ID number and name in the PICTURE Be sure not to use any graphics editor; as such editors are strictly forbidden in this contest! Please do not use graphics editors to add your ID! 3. Once you are ready, send your entry to our email address: [email protected] with “Klondike Birthday Contest” in the letter subject and your user ID number and name in the text of the letter. ️Entries that do not have a user ID number and name IN THE TEXT OF THE LETTER will not be accepted! DEADLINE: January 17, 23:59 PST. All the entries that meet the requirements will be posted in the Competition album of our fan page. All the eligible entries will receive a reward! See the Terms and Conditions here: https://bit.ly/32RFB5q Share the news & get a freebie >> https://bit.ly/3bspkuU


GIFT WEEK IN KLONDIKE Klondike turns 7 this Sunday! Enjoy an entire week of goodies! Visit the page daily and accept gifts from your Klondike friends.... All gifts can be accepted until January 18. Follow the link to see what Silent Shadow has for you today >> https://bit.ly/2XrZTl4 Click on the picture and find a hidden letter. Write it down, on Sunday we'll have a special birthday giveaway! Do you like parties, Klondikers?


Yay! 3 is the correct way. Claim your sweet reward >> https://bit.ly/396bMSW Adventurers, are you enjoying the Shining Hotel event? Share your feedback in the comments below ... 10 players will receive gifts on Tuesday, so don't forget to add your ID.


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