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Fabric and cotton

Is there an easier way to get cotton or fabric.  I need a lot and cotton takes too long to wait for. I am frustrated with this and will try anything to not

  • Posted by SheriCronk
  • 3,110
  • 14

Energy and gems

I need more energy and gems (I don't know name of them). Can I exchange them for coins? I really need gems, for complete tasks I get 1 or 2 and be honest

  • Posted by AleksandraLexyR
  • 1,166
  • 7

Workers Hours

Workers HoursHow are they worked out?I have an item I am trying to collect that takes 2hrs to be made and can only find workers that work 1 hr 45 mins???? Any

  • Posted by LeonieMutimer
  • 276
  • 1

Leontius mine helper

Hello!Does anyone know or have any working Leontius mine minesweeper helper? I have tryd some what i have found on google and youtube but havent got lucky with

  • Posted by AlvaroMatiViilv
  • 77

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Welcome Klondike Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by LeonieMutimer
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  • 16

Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by NicoleChurchwar
  • Suggestions
  • 6,366
  • 9

Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Suggestions
  • 1,695

Temple Of Light

  • Started by: NicholeACarter
  • Game Discussions
  • 536

Klondike Cheats Tool - Add Unlimited Emeralds, Coins & Energy

  • Started by: CharlesCharlesM
  • Last Post by KathyMaguire
  • Game Discussions
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  • Started by: user1509316529
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How Delete Inactive Players?

  • Started by: MariaNikolova
  • Game Discussions
  • 1,736

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Friends, what are you doing today in Klondike? <3 P.S. Don't forget your Tuesday bonus >> https://goo.gl/FWLNE6

Likes: 981 Shares: 0 Posted:


The final day of the challenge is here! 1. Make sure you remember the answers to the tasks from days 1-3 of the challenge! 2. ‼ You MUST use the form to submit your answers https://goo.gl/ZGH9vR... 3. Chose the correct answer. 4. If your answer is correct then you can enter your ID number Good luck to all! All players that submit the form with the correct game ID number and correct answer by July 17th, 23:59 PDT will receive a gift.

Likes: 12 Shares: 0 Posted:


Klondikers, we need your opinion! Do you like labyrinth updates? Would you like to see more updates with them?

Likes: 24 Shares: 0 Posted:


Which route will lead chick to his brother? Read more about the challenge >> https://goo.gl/HPr6cP

Likes: 16 Shares: 0 Posted:


Which is the correct item in this equation? Learn more about the challenge >> https://goo.gl/HPr6cP

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Klondikers, get ready for a new game! Today, tomorrow and on Sunday you will see a new mini-game on this page every day. The right answer to each game is a digit. The 3 digits will make up a code that you'll need to fill in a special form (also posted on this page) on Monday.... Gifts to all who type in the correct code will be awesome! Which of the 4 Aquamarine Rings is the EXACT Copy of the one in the game?

Likes: 2 Shares: 0 Posted:


Beorn - A PERMANENT land in the Golden Canyon. - Available from level 55 after you have finished Inti Coast. - Equipment needed to travel: Tent & Kerosene Lamp.... - The land has 1 major goal: Find all 8 Guardian Statues in the Sanctuary in Beorn. - The Sign of the Ancients is an important Artifact, you will need it in future updates (it has to be manually unloaded from your Sled after you place it there). Please follow the quest line, it will guide you! ** The barter for the map of Emerald Valley will open after you complete the last quest in Beorn. ** Diamondland is now not included in 15 open land limit! IMPORTANT: We’re introducing Traveler’s Diary: a new feature that will let you keep track of the land order, quests, and Klondike plot! Read more in our note here » https://goo.gl/vtqTsG NOTE: Compass, Sleeping Bag and Rope Ladder are now not needed to travel. You can sell them from Storage! Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/PFFNPs

Likes: 26 Shares: 0 Posted:


Klondike Spoiler Tomorrow we're setting out to the new permanent land: Beorn! But let's take a moment and recall what happened in Greenlee...... Do you remember? What permanent land are you doing now? Don't forget your bonus >> https://goo.gl/a48fnb

Likes: 28 Shares: 0 Posted:


Klondike Flag Contest Let’s make a KLONDIKE FLAG! 1. Follow the link » https://photos.app.goo.gl/P19wjQo9QRzoYf2Z6... 2. Click the image » Right-click menu » Save the image to your PC. 3. Find the image in your downloads and print it out to color (or just use any program on your PC to do it!) COMMENT this post and share your flags! P.S. Don’t forget to add your ID in the comments with your photo! 20 flags will get a very special decoration prize! Entries submission deadline: July 11, 23:59 PDT.

Likes: 21 Shares: 0 Posted:


Festive Update Feedback Klondikers, we can make the game better only with your help! Please feel free to share your feedback on Firework Park, Evening Alley & Tom West under this post!... P.S. Your Monday bonus >> https://goo.gl/PH1Zfy

Likes: 33 Shares: 0 Posted:


Spot on! Thanks for your help >> https://goo.gl/QB5m9u Have a lovely Sunday, Klondikers!

Likes: 32 Shares: 0 Posted:


Klondikers, can you find the banjo?

Likes: 21 Shares: 0 Posted:


Klondikers, let's give Tom West a small break and discuss your favorite music!

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Tom West - A famous musician has arrived at your Home Station! - Tom West and his Wagon will stay for 7 days (he will leave on July 11, 23:59 PDT). - Click on the instruction icon and read the new points of the instruction from Tom! ... - Keep Tom stocked up on Blueberries to make sure he can finish performing all of his ballads! Every ballad requires a specific number of Blueberries (the first ballad needs 1 Blueberry!). Tom will ask for a new set of Blueberries every 4 hours, he will make 10 performances! 2. Sweet Mood - During the next 7 days, Chocolate Dessert will be appearing every 3 hours in Firework Park and Evening Alley! - Cut them out to get Sweet Mood ! - The more the land is cleared, the more Chocolate Desserts will be generated! - Each generation is a maximum of 10 Chocolate Deserts, you can have a maximum of 20 on your land at any one time. - If you don't cut out Chocolate Desserts, new ones won't appear. You will need it to make crafts and Tom’s Goodbye Gift in his Wagon. 3. The Tom West Show - When Tom starts to play, the audience will gather and toss him some coins. - Collect the coins from his banjo case and get West Coins. Use West Coins to craft goods in Tom’s Wagon. - Don't wait around and collect coins often! You can get a maximum of 50 coins. If you don't collect them when you reach the limit, the audience will leave. Let’s get this show on the road! Grab your bonus >> https://goo.gl/Kj8toA

Likes: 33 Shares: 0 Posted:


Spoiler A famous Klondike musician is coming to your stations tomorrow! Do you remember his name?

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Set out a dream farm in the wild and turn a deserted northern station into a flourishing town.

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