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Energy and gems

I need more energy and gems (I don't know name of them). Can I exchange them for coins? I really need gems, for complete tasks I get 1 or 2 and be honest

  • Posted by AleksandraLexyR
  • 24,699
  • 54

Klondike Game - Tips for Collecting Bonuses

All Klondike bonus links will expire between 5-14 days.If you have not played the game for awhile use the Klondike Bonus Collector here.Klondike Bonus

  • Posted by Raphael
  • 10,891
  • 5

Fabric and cotton

Is there an easier way to get cotton or fabric.  I need a lot and cotton takes too long to wait for. I am frustrated with this and will try anything to not

  • Posted by SheriCronk
  • 8,723
  • 15

Hello !

Hello  guys anyoane can help me how can i get this many energy and the kerosene   for air  and no doughnut    :(((  im lvl 52 but im poor in game no

  • Posted by sharonamanda
  • 848

Energy Energy Energy

Need help with energy pleaseee idk what to do anymore. Please please help. All the generator are fake. And I have spent alot of money in this game. There has to

  • Posted by Fierce647
  • 4,860

Need Much Energy and Gems

I need So much energy and jems. please can you give me? I am a kondike player. I love this game. But I need more and more Energy and gems. Otherwish I'll

  • Posted by BarbArianNaim
  • 4,194

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Welcome Klondike Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
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Despre Joc

  • Started by: ancadoina
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Disappearing Glue

  • Started by: FlorenceElizabe
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Temple Of Light

  • Started by: NicholeACarter
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  • Started by: user1509316529
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UPD Jan 24 @ 8 am PSTStill waiting for the platform support to resolve the issue While waiting for news from the platform, we came up with our own little fix! Free daily gifts now work for all friends, even anonymous!And we changed the Anonym avatar to our cute profile beaver For those of you that wish to add Facebook friends for neighbors please post in the commentsThe problem does not affect Facebook friends.P.S. We kindly ask you not to report the neighbors issue to the page messages or the game support. We are aware of the problem and we're on it. Unfortunately, new reports won't help us deal with it Please note that it might take longer than usual for us to reply to you.-----We were notified that the platform support is working to get this resolved as soon as possible.We will update this post as soon as we have further news.-----The platform support requested some additional info, we answered all their questions and sent all data needed.We know the neighbors bug affects your gaming experience, and we do hope it is resolved soon.-----We’re still waiting for the problem to be resolved.Until it’s fixed, we suggest you add your game neighbors as Facebook friends. The bug isn’t affecting them.Thank you for your awesome patience, Klondikers!-----The devs are working on the issue together with the platform support team.We came up with a temp fix, and now all friends are displayed in the game, though some are Anonyms. But you can gift and hire all of them via the friends list (lower part of your game screen).Stay strong and united, Klondikers! We'll get through it! -----We reached out to the platform support to get more information on the problem.Loading issues some players are experiencing today might also be due to the platform outages.-----Dear Klondikers,The devs are aware of the issue with disappearing neighbors. The team is working to find out what's going on.On our side, we can see those game neighbors didn't disappear from users' game states. What does it mean? As soon as the issue is fixed, your friends will be back to you! Thank you for your awesome patience, understanding, and support!Bear with us and stay tuned for the issue updates


Who's the master of land clearing here? Get your axes and bakeries ready! A new marathon is coming soon!Inventor Nicolas Tage wants to tame the wind, but some beavers are messing up his plans. What treat would the hungry rodents enjoy? Share your ideas in the comments and add your game ID. And don't forget a freebie >> https://bit.ly/3r4EpKM


Finding the last object to clear in the location is often a challenge. Tiny bushes can hide so well that even Detective Wolff would spend a day looking for them!Here's a great trick:- Take a Dynamite but do NOT place it;- Hover your mouse cursor over the land;- Look for the highlighted object. Zoom in if needed. With a little patience and attentiveness, you'll spot it!- Click 'Complete' button WITHOUT placing the Dynamite on the land. You don't want to lose it, right? - Now you can cut out that object! Easy-peasy Was this tip helpful, Klondikers? Have you ever used it before? How many percents of the land do you usually manage to clear?


Grab some pancakes for a yummy start of the week, Klondikers! >> https://bit.ly/3tOAVh8 Are you enjoying the Moose Nook adventure? What other Canada's iconic animals would you like to see in the game?Leave your feedback on the update in the comments


Which bunch of berries hides ENERGY? Write the number and your GAME ID and come back tomorrow for the lottery results.30 random players who guessed it correctly will get energy snacks! And of course we can't leave you without a yummy Sunday bonus >> https://bit.ly/3qKQSD4


Look what this friendly moose brought us! We bet these berries are special. Something tells us there's a DYNAMITE in one of the bunchesLeave your guess and your game ID in the comments below to participate in the GIVEAWAY!30 lucky participants will get rewards on Monday.


Gem traders know what all adventure seekers need A good hot sale! Today through Sunday, stock up on EMERALDS and get +200% BONUS! And say YAY if you're waiting for the Market Sale! What items and buildings are you saving up for? Tell us below, the devs read your commentsFriday freebie >> https://bit.ly/3fNeqki


Klondike Birthday Contest Winners Dear friends,Thank you for your b-day wishes and amazing entries! It’s time to praise the winners! The winners of the contest are the 10 players who sent us the most creative gift boxes: Rena Marie Rigney Voron, Charlene Anderson, Jan Minkler, Dominika, Chris MCallister, Marcela Castelblanco, Rosely Gregio, Elisa Beth, Hayley Morit, Dawn OK Sturges.They got boxes with energy, dynamite, collection items, and 50 emeralds! All participants who followed the rules received a gift box full of energy and useful items!Congratulations, Klondikers!Don't miss our contests, join the community fun & win great prezzies!


MOOSE NOOK The Inuit are in trouble! Hurry to the Moose Nook, meet a rare moose, and help the locals return their most cherished relic!Please follow the QUESTS, they will guide you.The Moose Nook is temporary land near your station.It will close on February 2, 23:59 PST.This land has 2 levels: the Moose Nook and the Horned Valley.The 1st level has 1 major goal:- Fill up the Feeders.The 2nd level has 1 major goal:- Feed all the Dogs.more HINTS & BONUS below TAKING PHOTOSCollect Spare Parts and Lingonberries near the Forester's Cabin. Fix the Camera and feed the Moose. Find some Magnesium, MOVE the camera to the Moose (place it on the marked area), and take a Photograph. Then, pin all photos to the Photo Board. You can continue feeding Moose after completing the quest. They will bring you XP and Wind. WHITE MOOSEGo to the second level of the location and clear the rockfall there. Neutralize all Trapping Pits and Wolves.* You can make Lassos in the Tent (storage building).Find the hunter, neutralize his Spring Traps, and leave a false trail. Now the white moose is safe and you can take a photo of the amazing creature! Give this photo to Albert. HELPING INUITOpen the gates in the Horned Valley to get to the Inuit settlement. Help the locals deal with the consequences of the storm: dig the Totems out of the snow and sand the Icy Patches.Make Loud Bullets in the tent and chase the bandits away. Find the Inuit Chief and learn who hired the outlaws. Don't let the scoundrels escape! Catch'em all (MOVE the Cages), collect the Stolen Items, and return them to the Chief. He will give you the relic: the Small Sun. Put in on the Big Totem in the center of the settlement. THE VILLAINFind the bad guy who's behind the Inuit's troubles. Give him the Fake Sun (the Chief will give it to you in the previous cutscene) and solve the jigsaw puzzle. 2 pieces of the jigsaw are fake! Pay attention to the storyline to assemble the correct picture.USEFUL INFOAlbert and the Big Totem in the second land will become SPINNERS after you complete the relevant quests.Check out the HUNTER'S TENT and the BANDITS' WORKSHOP for energy crafts, buffs, and other useful items. REWARDS For taking 5 photos of Moose, you'll get a PHOTO BOARD decoration for your station. You can click it and see the pics For completing the final quest, you'll receive the AMCHEMIST'S CHEST with treasures. Clear 75% of the Moose Nook and get a CAMERA decoration. For doing 100% of the 1st level, you'll win a MOOSE. You can choose the gift you want to receive from it: energy or dynamite. Clear 25% of the Horned Valley and get a box with WILLOW TREES decos. Clear 50% of the 2nd level and get a BIG TOTEM multibox. Clear 75% and win a new pet: the DOG that brings prezzies in exchange for some fish. For doing 100%, you'll receive a WHITE MOOSE. You can choose the gift you want to receive from it: energy or dynamite.Grab your bonus and enjoy the adventure >> https://bit.ly/3fNjntj


Did you know moose live in almost every region of Canada? How come we've never met these magnificent creatures in Klondike?Zoologist Albert invites us to a place where we can feed rare moose and take some unique photos! Maybe you'll even get a chance to bring an animal or two to your station! How would you name a moose if you own one? Share ideas in the comments below and add your game IDYour bonus >> https://bit.ly/3ru7Tk5


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Platform: Facebook

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Release Date: 20140117

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