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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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I like this very game, but only started to play, I think that the back can I find help ... I greet the Polish Halina ....

Welcome to the game, you can add me as neighbor my id# 100001398540648 I play every day.

Im looking for daily players. ID number is 623690787774908. I play every day.

Hi, My momma got me addicted to this game and now I am struggling to catch up. There is so much stuff you have to have and I can't keep up with all the quests and what I need. But this is a fun game.

 ID: 1631506546 is my Klondike id and Id love new lower level players to help

1898078313789987 im new to the game , will take any help possible 

100001521261234 add