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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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I like this very game, but only started to play, I think that the back can I find help ... I greet the Polish Halina ....

Welcome to the game, you can add me as neighbor my id# 100001398540648 I play every day.

Im looking for daily players. ID number is 623690787774908. I play every day.

Hi, My momma got me addicted to this game and now I am struggling to catch up. There is so much stuff you have to have and I can't keep up with all the quests and what I need. But this is a fun game.

 ID: 1631506546 is my Klondike id and Id love new lower level players to help

1898078313789987 im new to the game , will take any help possible 

100001521261234 add

bonjour tu es a quel niveaurire


Hi been playing for while now always running outta coins level ups and tile meter always slow would like help with free coins because half the time it does not work. The other day I hit 160 million and that was gone within an hr or two..... Please help

HI! Game ID 10200934844771892  Play daily!  Please add me!

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