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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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wife got me addicted to this game feel free to add me need lots of neighbors thank you  10203562276175456

Hello, everyone, I have a question about this site: I am trying to get some Klondike bonuses, I managed picking some, but it suddenly stopped to give them. What did I do wrong? Thanks if anyone could help me.



Been playing on and off for years.  I LOVE this game.  I wish there was a way to make dynamite, also maybe a diner to cook some of the stuff we grow into useful energy snacks.  (Like beans and rice, pumkin pie, cherry tarts, or roasted sunflower seeds)


been playing for about two weeks and find it addicting. it's a very chalenging game. i'm on level 24 now but i find very hard to earn emeralds and energy. is there an easier  way to find these? i love these game. to other gamers please add me as a friend so i can have more neighbors.

hello i love klondike however and i getting very discouraged because of how long it takes to produce some items 

my name is bobbie and i was hoping someone would no a way to obtaining emeralds with out actually paying

Hi all 


Great game and really enjoying it. I have made someone my partner and I can help her on her expeditions (gold Pickaxe) how do I get her help on my expeditions. It doesnt seem to give me any options!


Thanks in advance Leonie

I play everyday...add me  10156781393885746

selamst datang klondike gamers

For partnering...you have to wait until they request your help. If you want their help you have to go to location you want it & click on the shaking hands in upper right.  I've partnered with a few & helped them but they wont help me back. To help them once they request, you will notice a mark over thier friend pic at bottom of screen. then click on that mark.

Hello everyone, I'm Jackie and I go by a couple of different game names....BellaRose88 is one and I have a question? Do I have to open a Facebook account to be able to collect the bonuses here on Gamehunters Club???

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