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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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Yo yo yyyyyyyro!¡! What guddy fellow popperZ!? I'm Jay nd I'ma try nd make this as short nd sweet as possible... I hate playing games on my phone.ive never found one that I enjoyed long enough to not delete immediately, except for good ol' pop slots, nd that was ruffly under 3 yrs ago. I love my gf, I love doing what I do forum work (I'm a framer/builder, if you couldn't tell that from my username) AnywayZ,i love my Mom,love my brother and sister and all my nieces and nephews. I love smoking pot(hate drinking booze) but who wouldn't love all that stuff if they have them. But I can honestly truly say that I LOVE POP SLOTZ! ¡ !
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Hello I'm bellav but u can call me Val how are y'all? Merry Christmas n happy holidays God bless all of u!
Hi I'm Connie
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Hi there I'm Darr10ya an ive bin playing pop slots for well over a year.An I never get bored of it.
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Hi Geneva here, I need friends for pop slot chips please
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Full Blown Popper Addict here...
I'm Toni and I am addicted to this game
Vorrei i bonus gratis
Hello I'm Chamellion 68, love this game
Hello popers, I've been playing almost 2 years, and I'm looking for more friends to add me or I can add you please help

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