Spin it Rich Spin It Rich: Get More Free Coins & VIP Points

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Learn how to get more coins and VIP Points for Spin It Rich Casino Slots. 

Spin it Rich Free Coins More VIP Points

Getting More Free Coins

  • Did you run out of coins? The game offer you more free Coins every 2 hours. As well, as your VIP status rises, you’ll earn more free Coins. 
  • You can also get free coins from your friends who play Spin it Rich and you can also send them coin gifts. You can use the GameHunters.Club Add Me page to get more friends or you can join the list to let it help you find more players.
  • Get coins from Spin It Rich social network fan pages or you can use the GameHunters.Club Spin It Rich Bonus page. They consolodate all free coins daily from all of their social network fan pages including email gifts and Facebook Wall posts. Any members can share links.
  • You can take advantage of it if you have not play this game for a while you can visit their bonus page to get them all in one place, plus they also offer auto collect bonus. The auto collect bonus feature open's a new window and will load a free coins link every 30 seconds (or you can set this interval)  one at a time it helps you get all of them without clicking or tapping one by one.
  • All Verified Gifts from GameHunters.Club Spin It Rich Bonus page are compatible on mobile apps. If you are using a mobile device a tablet or phone and not using a puffin web browser it will open the Spin it Rich App instead of new window from there you can collect the free coin gift.
  • Note that not all Free Coin links will work because they do expire for a maximum of 3 days from the time it was posted and some wall post bonus from Facebook gets depleted every 3-8 clicks. The bonus page is not a cheat or quick rich scheme it is a tool that consolidate free coins by the help of it's members.
  • Your last resort (if you have the money) is to buy coins and take advantage of the current promo discount. At some point specially if their is an event they offer 10-50% more coins for every purchase plus it will boost your VIP Points.

Tips on Earning VIP Points

As you level up or make purchases, your VIP Level increases, thus, you can have more VIP benefits.

VIP benefits:

  • Early access to the game
  • More coins from purchase,
  • More bonus coins from gifts
  • More daily free coins and spins.

In order for you to level up you need to take a spin and it requires coins. That's a fact for any virtual slot machine game. If you are not willing to buy coins for this game.

My Tip is to save coins for a week. Yeah, visiting the bonus page daily to get free coins and save until you reach a millions savings. Why? Because the more coins you have the more you have a chance of winning. Playing with thousands of coins only will not let you level up further because you have less chance of winning.

It's a game of luck. When you have millions in your bank roll set your bet to 3-5% of it only. Your goal is to win and level up. With that bet you have more spins and more spins means more chance of winning. And the more you spin the more you gain XP that will let you level up.

As you loss, you will also win some and the frequency of winning and losing will allow you hours of auto spins.

It's fun to max bets, It's exciting and you will feel the rush but you can enjoy this experience more when you level up your VIP Status.

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Free coins plz

Earlier I played o. Game all day now I can.ot log back in
I need coins, please
Where r the free coins



Love that they have modern casino games.

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