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Hi.  Has anyone else had a decrease in how often they can collect the free coins and items from the rooms?  I used to be able to collect every 30 minutes now I can only collect a few times per day.  I go for more than 12 hours before I am able to collect anything except that small gift in Golden Bricks (which remains at every half hour).  I am talking about the free coins you get off the floor or in the items (Excelsior) in the rooms and on the main strip only.  Thank you.

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The free stuff an how often depends on where you are ..I'm gold an need 300 more thangs to platinum 


Click the top yours might say bronze gold diamond..?  Then you can see the slide scale where how often thangs are on the floor..?


Oughta a crap load of downloads this site by far has best realistic slots an current bought me a 18 inch galaxy andriod


Tablet the games seem so real an are a blast..?


The coins I have bought way way tomany..,? But the daily fill up at $99.00 you get I thank bout 60 million credits Fer bout 28


Days seems best buy..?  I waste them when I get to many at once an take to many chances..?


Hope you win huge btw..?


Le'Roy Poundpup 

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