Zynga Texas HoldEm Poker collecting flush cards

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Why do i have to go thru two pages of free bonus things to get five cards ,its terrible i start at say 20 after nine and get the cards by 20 to ten.It shouldn't take 20 minutes to collect the cards.I never collect any gold you click on the gold button and it says that you have collected enough cards for the day.You can only get five cards a day they should increase this to ten because it takes forever to collect otherwise.There is so much wrong with these bonus things that you probably won't get thru til the end of the year at the rate they are giving out cards.Hoping they will correct these pages so that it is easier to collect.

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Somebody do something with collecting the cards,the lowest day is five days and they won't give you nothing,its terrible i don't know who looks after that board but please fix it or i will never get all the cards

Still trying to get some cards haven't been able to collect any for four or five days.If i get any its only one and then it says i collected too many for today.By the time i collect all the cards it will be Christmas.I wish there was a way to delete from my game so i won't be bother with it anymoreYou need to clean up this site

Do you even get gold coins for the royal flush cards 

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nobody look after these posts,i posted the above 9 months ago and never heard from anyone.still the same problems no gold can't get anymore than five cards at a time.someone needs to fix these problems ASAP.

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