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Get a hold of me if you need something in particular.
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Hi please could you send me all gold cards  and  Reef guardian, viking queen , thor , Olaf  Thank you 

Hey can I have reef guardian please 

The ones I need can't get them to complete 7 or 8 card sets the gold ones can't trade them I'm stuck would really appreciate it if you could send how do I get them cause I've got a lot of chests

the troy card if you got it thank you

I need all the cards please help me out
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Um on level 40. Cleopatra santa. The usual ultra rare cards that are impossible to get except I lucked up on Martian Lettuce. [email protected] or 423 444 9853. I would really appreciate any help that you can give me. Thanks so much. Dave
I'm in need of the card Martin's lettuce if you have it I would really appreciate I have been trying to get this card for months now
Hi could you please help me out with Santa, holy Monk, mighty wizard, holiday tree, cheerful Chad, would be much appreciated

 I need Firebird and last chest to complete items and creatures

I could do with ocean king in beasts please

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