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Hi, I have a problem. I would like to protect my village against attacks when I'm offline. Someone insisted on me and constantly attacking me destroying my village completely. Is there a way to do this?
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I'm happy the way we attack our friends at first I thought I'm avenging them and the funny but sad part is I thought it's just that I'm attacking my nephew's girlfriend and I thought she has the same name of my nephews girlfriend coz the image is so little and my eyes wasn't the same like it use to be. Lol! Sad but funny!

Sorry! I forgot to put not in my sentence. What I meant is I'm not happy lol

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You probably know this by now coz gour post was a while ago, but thr only eay to stop them, if asking them to stop doesnt work, is to remove them from your fb friends. You csn still have them in messenger but take them off your fb. Im on level 178 now. And just removed 3 friends fr okm my fb because as soon as i started to build my village, th esy came after me. Ive nevwr attacked them. I was really mad, coz at that level you need tro spend over 50 billion to complete the level and thats without dping repairs. Its not funny at all when they just come at you over and over.
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Od paru dni stoję w miejscu bo nawet nie chce dać mi świnek. Żenada
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Assaults, which are addressed by Hammers on the Spinner, is a way for players to acquire coins while additionally adding challenge to their companions' journeys to complete their towns.

At the point when you land an Attack on the Spinner, the game will consequently ship you to a town of an arbitrary player or companion, and there you will have the choice to either assault that player or pick another person from your "Companions" or "Retribution" records which are shown at the highest point of the screen.

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