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How in God's name do you get gold cards. I have needed coinmaster, bling bling and mighty lion for God knows how long

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They are hard I have been looking for starlet ithink I have mighty lion

I have 5, how can I get you one? How do

we share gold cards?

I need Mighty Lion, Firebird and Viking Heart. Anyone got these Gold Cards? Alice.
Me 2 been waiting 4ever ...need blingbling and mightylion and i have extras
  • RosyAdam
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I need mighty lion plzzz
Hi Angela, any chance u still have these cards available? Needing some help, let me know if we can do a trade.
  • HComet
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You have to win gold cards from chests or wait until coinmaster has another gold card trade and hope it’s a card we want and need to trade! They definitely need more of those! I wish I could help you because I have extra chocolate bars.

  • HComet
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I’m sorry you have to wait until coinmaster allows us to exchange gold cards! Then we never get to choose which ones!

I've got a few u might need willing to trade them for some I need thanks

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