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Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough: Egypt Main Quest

This Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough is primarily consists of maps & solutions for Egypt Main Quest. Check the maps to plan ahead before going into an adventure.

  • Posted by MiaME
  • 199,340
  • 7

Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough: Egypt Father Quests

Diggy's Adventure walkthrough for all Father quests, follow the solutions for difficult floors and maps. All maps are complete and with solutions.

  • Posted by MiaME
  • 183,004
  • 2

Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough: Anubis Quest

Walkthrough & solutions for Diggy's Adventure Anubis Egypt Quests. We have all completed maps & help guide that you can follow and check before you start a new adventure.

  • Posted by MiaME
  • 105,922
  • 1

Ella's handgloves

 I can't take the right things on place in level Ella its impossible tot get through and move the Stones tot get a key  en go further in that level of

  • Posted by WendyTuijt
  • 1,758

Help rescue mermaid

I'm stuck trying to open the (presumably) last gate in Pursula's prison.  I've tried every combination I can think of with the lights but just

  • Posted by TiHawks
  • 1,711
  • 5

Can't free Rusty

I have finished with the monitors on the free rusty part of Ziggy's birthday (the restart button has gone) and pressed the central button but the electric

  • Posted by GarethPilkingto
  • 3,099
  • 1

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Welcome Diggy's Adventure Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Jimbobby24
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by JackReifsnider
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by CindyBargnesi
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Getting Bonuses Off This Site

  • Started by: Reneeamy77
  • Game Discussions
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Lower Energy Spent

  • Started by: DiggerAndDigger
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12 Monkeys For LUI

  • Started by: PatriciaSchmitt
  • Last Post by CeyhunAbdullaye
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Best Old Special Event To Buy

  • Started by: VanceJones
  • Last Post by RyanButler
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Latest on Diggy's Adventure

Pixel vizsla dog got bored and wants to play with you. He drew his favorite movie of all time and wants you to guess what it is. Leave us a comment here if you know the answer!


The map is decoded and we got to the fortress but Pixel Vizsla is still trapped inside. We need to dig our way to him! Diggers, our task is to get as many pickaxes as possible for our teams at Seaport and TrainStation! Count how many pickaxes are in this room and leave us a comment here. Let's equip the rescue teams for a sweet reward!



We've found the way to the little Pixel Vizsla and our friends from Seaport and TrainStation got there in time. As a reward, claim a few Astronaut's Cans for free here: http://pxfd.co/vizslacans07


Can you spot all the differences? Leave us a comment with the correct answer and 10 of you will be rewarded with 150 Gems.


Little vizsla dog is all alone in the fortress and thinking of all the friends back home. So, let's cheer him up, diggers! Do you have any pets at home? Show our vizsla dog your puppies, kitties, or any pet, in a comment so that he doesn't feel lonely.


Diggy has teamed up with Seaport and TrainStation to rescue a stranded vizsla dog from a fortress. Our first job, dear diggers, is to find out which way lead to the dog in need! Leave us a comment with the correct answer and show our fleets the right way. The reward will be yummy!



Reach for the moon! Space Shuttles for free here: http://pxfd.co/spaceshuttle


EDIT: This competition is over! Thank you for participation. :) 4th of July celebration cannot start until we know which detonation box starts the fireworks. Figure out which one and 10 of you will be rewarded with 150 Gems!


An asteroid threatens our planet but Diggy will surely take care of it. In the meantime, what would be the last song you would want to listen to?



ALERT! The world is in grave danger! A threat unlike any other is approaching the planet Earth. Can you stop it in time? Let's GO: http://pxfd.co/armageddon


A proper detective needs a little snack! Collect this treat for free here: http://pxfd.co/doughnuts


EDIT: This competition is now over! Thank you for your participation. <3 Can you tell which shadow belongs to the detective? Leave us a comment with the correct answer and 10 of you will be rewarded with 150 Gems.


EDIT: Thank you for your entries diggers. We have gathered enough feedback! Dear diggers, Detective Stories 4 event is close to its end and we want your feedback! Fill out this short event survey, and help us improve the future events for you: http://pxfd.co/csifeedback


EDIT: This challenge is over! Thank you for your puns :D Win 3 Green Rings! Detective Moratio knows many great puns but you surely know more...and much better! ... Leave us a comment here with a pun, or alternatively a joke, and 5 of the best ones will be rewarded with 3 Green Ring!



The first rule of Detective Moratio is to never leave evidence just lying around. Collect 4 Finger Prints here: http://pxfd.co/csiprints06


EDIT: This competition is over! Thank you for your participation. How many animals are there in this picture? 🦜 Leave us a comment with the correct answer and 10 of you will be rewarded with 150 Gems.


Happy Father's Day! <3 Celebrate with this week's thematic Special Offer and collect energy for Sugar! Check your games now: http://pxfd.co/dadday20so


Moratio is not the only one with compelling outfit! Check the new costume in your game: http://pxfd.co/detectivepass




How about a yummy regional dish? Claim free energy specially tailored to the region you're in: http://pxfd.co/energy06


EDIT: This competition is over! The winners are in a comment below. <3 Can you tell which option is the top view of this structure? Leave us a comment with the correct answer and 10 of you will be rewarded with 150 Gems!


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