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Diggy's 6th Birthday Adventure

Cheats & Hacks

I am working on the Break Rusty out of prison aan i am stuck on the Monitors I got one side (left) all with red X's but i can't seem to get the other

  • Posted by user1526021677
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Museum of Easter

Cheats & Hacks

Hi everyone,I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get the last 4 (2x chests and 2x boxes) in this quest. Can anyone help me? I need to put the grey stones

  • Posted by KarenBruse
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Diggy's bonus Photo Atelier

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I picked up a bonus in the Photo Atelier, just by moving spools! When you are in the second level, there are 3 spools you have to move to open gates. After you

  • Posted by PamDickhaus
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