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Can't free Rusty

Tips & Tricks

I have finished with the monitors on the free rusty part of Ziggy's birthday (the restart button has gone) and pressed the central button but the electric

  • Posted by GarethPilkingto
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Diggy's 6th Birthday Adventure

Tips & Tricks

I am working on the Break Rusty out of prison aan i am stuck on the Monitors I got one side (left) all with red X's but i can't seem to get the other

  • Posted by user1526021677
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Lets decipher

Tips & Tricks

Im stuck I'm fairly far along i beat strong man in a few hours.  i have things i've been carriing around for the professer dont know how to give them

  • Posted by BrettSmallwood
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Diggy's bonus Photo Atelier

Tips & Tricks

I picked up a bonus in the Photo Atelier, just by moving spools! When you are in the second level, there are 3 spools you have to move to open gates. After you

  • Posted by PamDickhaus
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Get more energy with God's Children

Tips & Tricks

Hi, here a tips i found playing both with my android apps and online with my computer.When you pick up a God's Child with the online version, he brings to

  • Posted by OlivierLasne
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Diggy's Adventure: Winter Strongman Solutions & Walkthrough

Tips & Tricks

Complete solutions and walkthrough videos for Diggy's Adventure Winter Strongman from Winter Cave of Digging level 1 up to Winter Strongmen Chambers level 4.

  • Posted by MiaME
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Diggy's Adventure Ice King Solutions & Walkthrough

Tips & Tricks

Solutions & video help guides for Diggy's Adventure Ice King Event from gardens level 1 up to throne room level 4, plus Ice King's challenge 1 & 2.

  • Posted by MiaME
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Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough Christmas 2015

Tips & Tricks

Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough for Christmas 2015 Event with videos. The details are by levels and challenges. Plus the total gems you could get.

  • Posted by vardump
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Diggy's Adventure Rewards (Advent Key)

Tips & Tricks

Diggy's Adventure list of all links & presents. Collect them all here 1 to 24 keys.

  • Posted by vardump
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