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Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough for Christmas 2015 Event with videos. The details are by levels and challenges. Plus the total gems you could get to all events.

Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough List:

For more Walkthrough & Solutions for other quest go to:

Level 1 - Illinois Airport

Reward Gems: 5

  • 02:57 Push the baggage to number 3
  • 05:41 Go after Kevin
  • 09:27 You are supposed to release some Tarantulas here according to the quest objective, haven’t seen any spiders at all here, just clear what you can and backtrack to the main lobby of the aiport, Kevin should go with you
  • 15:11 Enter the conveyor belt for baggage (1)
  • 36:32 Getting the KEY for theTreasure Part #1


Level 2 - Five Star Hotel

Gems: 10

  • 06:15 Talk to Kevin in this room and use the tape when told to
  • 09:54 Set the tape on the table
  • 11:17 Get the food from the two rooms and set it on the tables
  • 13:08 Getting theTreasure Part #2


Level 3 - New York Shopping Mall

Gems: 10

The goal in this level is to find 6 socks and Sneferu Parents


Level 4 - Snowy Zoo

Gems: 10

  • 11:45 Find a penguin in this house to get the key
  • 14:06 Use the acquired key in this house
  • 14:50 Fix the pipes for the penguins


Level 5 - Danken's Toy Store

Gems: 10

  • 04:03 Push both basketballs into the basket and both pucks into the hockey goals
  • 07:48 Fix the electricity and go into the secret path through the wall
  • 09:28 Move the snowmen heads to unlockTreasure Part #3
  • 11:45 Talk to the guy and set the tree on fire


Level 6 - New York Streets

Gems: 10

  • 00:32 First part of the level – click the traffic lights to block the chase
  • 02:15 Barricade the way with snow boulders
  • 06:38 Talk to the guy to get seeds
  • 07:03 Barricade the way with snow boulders
  • 07:30 Bone


Level 7 - Traphouse

Gems: 4

  • 05:01 Moving the stones to open doors in the basement
  • 12:10 Moving the blankets to trap the bandits
  • 16:59 Fixing the electricity
  • 25:08 Fixing the pipes


Level 8 - Rockefeller Plaza

Gems: 30

01:40Treasure Part #5


Level 9 - Uncle Freddie's House

  • 01:10 Bring the pylon to the kid
  • 02:09 Bring some alcohol for the elf
  • 03:14 Bring sausages to the thiev to get his alcohol
  • 05:33 Bring alcohol to the elf
  • 06:36 Enter the bus
  • 13:54 Find the room with water slide to finish the quest


Level 10 - Winterville Suburbs

This level requires you to enter 4 houses in some unusual way and find your way to the main entrance.


Level 11 - Kelvin's Traphouse

  • 04:02 Location of the Hose
  • 07:19 Unplug the iron and take it to Kelvin
  • 08:21 Get the paints
  • 10:36 Color pattern
  • 13:22 Oil Barrel
  • 15:00 Location of the Fan and Pillow
  • 17:25 Key to the brother’s room
  • 18:05 Collect toys here
  • 19:39 Location of the camera
  • 20:19 Collect socks in this room (one is hidden)


Level 12 - Winterville Village

Pretty straightforward level , just continue forward. The robbers will chase you andtemporarilyblock you from backtracking, but don’t worry, after you are done with the level it will let you go back to clear any remaining tiles.


Diggy's Adventure Challenges

Christmas Challenge 1

Materials: Amethyst, 5 Gems

03:01 Stones from top to bottom: RED, GREEN, BLUE, BROWN

03:49 The level which opens the main reward room


Christmas Challenge 2

Materials: Amethyst, 7 Gems

In this level you have to uncover the secret codes and use them to open the doors.

Scroll to 11:37 to see which colors open which doors.


Christmas Challenge 3

Materials: Amethyst, Ruby, 14 Gems

Main task in this level – find all the animals. Clicking on them will light the candles and open the hut with rewards.


Christmas Challenge 4

Materials: Amethyst, Ruby, 14 Gems

08:05 Push the hay balls on X marks

10:15 Click on all the cracks on the pipe to open the reward room


Christmas Challenge 5

Materials: Topaz, 16 Gems

00:25 Middle Portal – This part has a topaz at the end

13:44 Left Portal

27:25 Right Portal


Christmas Challenge 6

Materials: 1 Ruby, 4 Amethysts, 11 Gems

08:03 Pushing packages in the right places


Christmas Challenge 7

Materials: 1 Ruby, 1 Amethyst, 12 Gems

  • 03:47 Bottom left cave
  • 12:32 Top left cave
  • 23:20 Top right cave
  • 33:50 Bottom right cave


Christmas Challenge 8

Materials: 1 Ruby, 1 Amethyst, 23 Gems


Christmas Challenge 9

Materials: 1 Topaz, 1 Ruby, 1 Amethyst, 17 Gems (only last room)


Diggy's Adventure Hidden Rewards Video

  • 00:01 Illinois Airport / Lotnisko Illinois
  • 02:53 New York Shopping Mall / Centrum Handlowe w Nowym Jorku
  • 03:29 New York Streets / Ulice Nowego Jorku
  • 04:03 Traphouse / Dom Pułapek
  • 04:23 Rockefeller Plaza / Rockefeller Plaza


Gems available in total (normal part): 89

Gems available in total (challenges): 117

Gems available in total (in the mines): 206

Gems available in total (achievement rewards): 255

Gems available in total in the whole event: 461

The gem count does not take gems from the advent calendar into consideration because the amount that can be acquired in it, differs per level.

This level requires you to enter 4 houses in some unusual way and find your way to the main entrance.

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