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I picked up a bonus in the Photo Atelier, just by moving spools! When you are in the second level, there are 3 spools you have to move to open gates. After you have everything cleared, take those spools and move them to the lower middle room. You'll see floor spaces ith red blotches on them. Put one spool on each of the three red-blotched floors and you pick up some nice goodies! This has to be done AFTER the whole second level is cleared of all tiles, though, I believe. But it's well worth it. Hope this helps somebody. I purposely look for stuff like this now since I saw a post on similar bonuses for other locations in the Egypt quest. Man, I love this game!!!

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Thank you!


nice game, jeeeej

It worked! Thanks :)

hej hej ‎Diggy's Adventure‎


great game

Great game very additive

Thank you! This did help and I'm loving the game too :-)


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