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Hi, here a tips i found playing both with my android apps and online with my computer.

When you pick up a God's Child with the online version, he brings to you about 30-40pts of energy. So don't pick up them with the online version. When you see a God Child, stop playing the online version, and go to play with your apps version. God's childs bring to you about 500-600 pts of energy.

That's all


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Check utube

Hello; I love this game, but I am really stuck on Rulers Treasury & Spade Burglar.  Can anyone help me out?  PLEASE!!!!!

How do u get a gods child?

It does not really matter, you will get the same energy in total. If you pick them up with the app version, you will get all their energy immediately and they won't show up in the camp. If you pick them up with the browser version, they will give you a small part immediately, then appear in your camp where you can click on them every 3 hours for more energy. So you can choose if you want the energy immediately (use the app) or keep it for later (browser version).