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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Diggy's Adventure.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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I just started playing but I am stumped on how to get past the guard in the prison. Got any tips for me.

In the Romeo Juliet quest, I watched your Alchemist lab walk-through.  I cannot find the last room.  I saw the one at the bottom right of the first screen, but I cannot find the remaining seven stones.  Do you remember where they are?


Need help! In Algemar Village I can not move to the right side of the village because I do not know how to create the bridge. There is a stone to roll, but do not know where to put.

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a tip for evil Diggy camp in the anniversery of his 4th birthday.

The hidden cage must be opened by color and number. Such like a smart sudoku puzzle on the plate between them. 

If you made it to his camp go into the houses for the keys and the last roll of ducktape.

Good luck and have fun !!


I am stuck in Dorxter's Lab. It doesn't seem I am unable to get the formula made or anything will open.

hello, i am farly new and cant figure out how to change the stonescolor and where to move them  in the 4th birthday at evil diggys factory please help if you can thank you some much 

Lost and found quest. In the megatest section the Abandoned building has 4 large red metal containers with lots of goodies in, however the one on the far left is not open. Does anyone know how?


can you make a guide for Gaia's cradle... seems there is nothing mutch online about that puzzle




I have completed Diggy's 4th birthday so they have given me the 3rd birthday free. I am in Mojmirs digital fortress and I am in the room with all the roman numerals on the floor with the balls of yarn. I have got to the top but she is saying there is still someone missing I need to release before she will let me go on. The only doors I havent opened are the one on the left hand side of the statue piece. Please can someone help me as I am on the last one and don't want to not finish it

Hi Keeley, Im new to all this, but I'm looking for the exact  same thing.



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