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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Diggy's Adventure.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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HI. Go to the bottom where the people are waiting. There is a hidden room on the left side. Hover your mouse oven the wall edges and one will light up just like the blocks. Click it and the new area will open and there she is. :-)

I am in jaunix village, I have found the second stone, however, I am in the house with the first one.  there are 6 colored stones, don't know where to put them to open the gate, the Roman numeral X is colored red. but none of the others are colored.  I dont know where to put them and can find no clu?

I am stuck on the mission possible, it says that I am missing someone and won't let me go forward.  Where is the missing person?

Looking for help in Scandanavia looking for the way to get the last 2 houses in the lost village I got 8/10 but missing the way to get across the river to get the key to unlock the remaining house.

any help would be appreciated.

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look the signs - the last room you can open from down under if you choose ANOTHER Number - 
I won´t tell preciously for the fun -> you must change the think of "<xxxx>" maybe to "(xxxx)" 

Oh my god l think l screwed it up,in the MACHINE ROOM l left one final COMPONENT in the top room with the other COMPONENTS that were done already and the final component is trap in between the three COMPONENTS no space to move it What am l going to do?


looking for help on on freezing an animal in the Hall of Singing Swords. to get the 2cd movable reflecter down. there are 2 mountains and i have tried every block to see if i could knock it out but to no avible,

I am stuck in the valley of tears.

I'm playing the Facebook version and I can't get to Linda in the Harbor. I'm stuck on the platform two bridges before her and there is a log that I have to move. But I can't move the log because I can't get behind it to move it? What am I doing wrong?


Hello, I'm stuck at the temple of sobek. I finished a mission of the god sobek but the application is closed and I do not know how found sobbek to give me the following mission, can you help me please?

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