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Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough: Egypt Main Quest

This Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough is primarily consists of maps & solutions for Egypt Main Quest. Check the maps to plan ahead before going into an adventure.

  • Posted by MiaME
  • 203,707
  • 7

Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough: Egypt Father Quests

Diggy's Adventure walkthrough for all Father quests, follow the solutions for difficult floors and maps. All maps are complete and with solutions.

  • Posted by MiaME
  • 187,266
  • 2

Diggy's Adventure Walkthrough: Anubis Quest

Walkthrough & solutions for Diggy's Adventure Anubis Egypt Quests. We have all completed maps & help guide that you can follow and check before you start a new adventure.

  • Posted by MiaME
  • 108,932
  • 1

Ella's handgloves

 I can't take the right things on place in level Ella its impossible tot get through and move the Stones tot get a key  en go further in that level of

  • Posted by WendyTuijt
  • 2,099

Help rescue mermaid

I'm stuck trying to open the (presumably) last gate in Pursula's prison.  I've tried every combination I can think of with the lights but just

  • Posted by TiHawks
  • 2,195
  • 5

Can't free Rusty

I have finished with the monitors on the free rusty part of Ziggy's birthday (the restart button has gone) and pressed the central button but the electric

  • Posted by GarethPilkingto
  • 3,415
  • 1

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Welcome Diggy's Adventure Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Katiejamez254
  • Game Discussions
  • 17,533
  • 116

Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by HarryP1147
  • Suggestions
  • 51,902
  • 58

Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by CindyBargnesi
  • Suggestions
  • 4,150
  • 3

Getting Bonuses Off This Site

  • Started by: Reneeamy77
  • Game Discussions
  • 735

Lower Energy Spent

  • Started by: DiggerAndDigger
  • Game Discussions
  • 799

12 Monkeys For LUI

  • Started by: PatriciaSchmitt
  • Last Post by CeyhunAbdullaye
  • Game Discussions
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Best Old Special Event To Buy

  • Started by: VanceJones
  • Last Post by RyanButler
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Latest on Diggy's Adventure

Find the Pair! From November 26, 13:00 GMT until December 3, 13:00 GMT, Find the Pair feature will be available in your games. Flip the cards and should you find a match, the reward is yours! The first 3 flips are for free. ... Let's try it out: http://pxfd.co/findapair


Christmas event 2020 is just around the corner, diggers! Can you tell from the picture what was the inspiration for this year's jolliest event?



Update is live! 3 new locations in Terra region 3 new repeatable locations in Terra region Black Friday Fever starts tomorrow... Cyber Monday Sale New Find the Pair feature (starts on November 26) For more info, check our Forum Changelog: http://pxfd.co/updateweek48


Are you missing some candy? Collect 2 pieces of Universal Candy for free here: http://pxfd.co/univer11


Can you tell which are the correct halves of the candy? Leave us a correct answer for a chance to win 150 Gems.


Update is live! Brand new Special Week called Candyland starts today! Clear Candyland repeatable locations to collect Green, Red and Yellow Candy With each cleared repeatable location, you get 1 point towards rewards bar - each 5th point awards 1 Universal Candy... Turn Universal Candy into any color you need in Candy Factory You can craft Universal Candy from colored Candy in Candy Factory Spend all Candy in Candy Shop Let's play: http://pxfd.co/candyland



Cooking materials for you! Collect for free here: http://pxfd.co/cookmat11


Someone is trying to send you a message from beyond. Can you put it together? Leave us a comment with the correct answer for a chance to win 150 Gems.


Weekend Helper's Corner on our Forum We have added a brand new section to our Forum where players can help each other through puzzles, mazes, tricky parts in locations or with any other issue you might be experiencing during the weekend. Visit Helper's Corner now and offer a helping hand to your fellow diggers : http://pxfd.co/helpers


Our Halloween story is almost over and we'd like to hear your feedback! Fill out this short survey and help us improve future events for you: http://pxfd.co/halloweenfeedback


Update is live! Debris Discount Week starts today New Terra region has been added with 4 new locations 1+1 Special Offer available from this Thursday... For a full update notes, check our Forum changelog: http://pxfd.co/week46update


Highly recommended to use a mint afterwards! Collect a few Garlic Pretzels here: http://pxfd.co/pretz11


Oh no, there's a horror movie playing in one of the televisions and people are really scared. Can you tell which button turns off the TV with the horror movie? Leave us a comment with the correct answer and 10 of you will be rewarded with 150 Gems!


The next region will be Terra! Prepare to move to orbit with Diggy and visit various parts of the Earth in new exciting quests. Terra region begins on November 10.


Update is live! Halloween 2019 event for free Halloween boxes start on Thursday Segmented event have been temporarily removed from the Shop due to maintenance... For more information, check our Forum Changelog: http://pxfd.co/week45update


Protection against vampires guaranteed! Collect Repellent here: http://pxfd.co/repellent11


EDIT: This competition is over! The winners are announced in a comment below. There are many dangers lurking in the shadows. Can you count how many pairs of eyes are there in this cemetery? Leave us a comment with the correct answer and 10 of you will be rewarded with 150 Gems.


Diggy spent a lot of time preparing his special Halloween costume! Do you like it?



Update is live! Halloween 2020 event started! Due to new region being added soon, all segmented events will be temporarily removed from the Shop for maintenance... Check full changelog on our Forum here: http://pxfd.co/week44update


Replenish your energy after the weekend! Claim a little energy boost for free here: http://pxfd.co/consum10


EDIT: This competition is now over. The winners are in a comment below. Can you tell which option is the top view of this paper plane? Leave us a comment with the correct answer for a chance to win 150 Gems!


NEW REGION CHALLENGE! A brand new region will soon be added to the game, diggers. Would you like to see how will it look like? Give this post at least 10 000 likes and we will reveal everything! Last time, we collected 9 800 likes. Can we beat the record?


Update is live! Pumpkin Postcard Special Week starts today Last New World locations have been added to the game Some of the old stories will be temporarily removed from the Shop due to maintenance... For more information, check the whole changelog on our forum here: http://pxfd.co/week43update


1 Green Ring coming your way! Collect here: http://pxfd.co/rings10


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