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I have "Black Cat on the Road" quest in order to lift the curse of Bastet in Egypt. It says to talk to Rusty and get him to decipher the coded journal page but all he says is "Hi, I'm Rusty". I tried going back to the city to talk to Bastet's priestess but she just says she likes Diggy's hair style. I've got the journal piece, now I'm supposed to lift Bastet's Curse and have Rusty do his thing. But I can't do that when he won't tell me his message. Can anybody help? I've tried refreshing the game to no avail. Also - on the Isis tab in the Snake Burrows, I have some stones that I can't move to access the last 2 blocks to clear that location. No matter how I move them, it traps Diggy and I can't get them. will try for a screenshot! If anybody can help, I would really appreciate it! (I can't figure out how to get a screen shot on here. I know how to do those, just can't figure out how to put it on here.)

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Found it! Just had to have a little patience and wait for the next bit to come through. This game is a blast!

what was the name of the place for this quest?  I forget!


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