Diggy's Adventure Totally Stuck In China!!!!

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im playing in the china zone at the moment and have become totally stuck, i play every level and task/challenge and i i remove all tiles from each!

ive just completed the zodiac race track and completed the metal dragon, all side quests3 and all father quests, but the game isnt giving me another challange????

the hero of china award, still requires 8 more points to give me the full 50 needed, but as stated i have no outstanding challanges????

ive checked with the dragons and nothing there, nothing in the city, main china game, side quest 3 or the father quests...... ive clicked on all the characters on the home screen also but nothing, ive used different laptops, different phones and different tablets, so have tried everything at least 9 times each......

so cant progress.....


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As in other levels the are secret bonuses by moving rocks or other movable objects over certain objects for example in Christmas 2017 one level required you to move movable conch shells and spiny urchins on top of other non movable images to award you a special gift.  Also in another level it required you to rearrange snowmen heads with coloured scarves to match the bodies with the matching coloured bodies.  This may not be the answer but it is sure worth a try, and happy gaming to you

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