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Slots - Wizard of Oz

Posted by: Truk66

Game Forum: Slots - Wizard of Oz

Category: Suggestions

Replies: 2

Views: 3634

Richard, I know you have to exit the app each time in order to collect the coins. It's kinda a pain but some of them you can collect more then once. It gives you a message that you can collect thi...
Tetris Battle

Posted by: Raphael

Game: Tetris Battle

Tags: Cheats & Hacks

Comments: 103

Tetris Battle Cheats:Unlimited Energy using fiddler2Unlimited Armor using Cheat EngineFully TunedInstantly Send 4 LinesTetris Battle Cheat Rank...
Rebel Galaxy

Posted by: JessieME

Game: Rebel Galaxy

Tags: Cheats & Hacks

Comments: 4

Rebel Galaxy 13 cheats that works for Steam and GOG. Cheats like Infinite Health Deflectors Booster Rockets Ammo and more. Download the Rebel Galaxy Cheats here...
FarmVille 2

Posted by: egolding

Game: FarmVille 2

Tags: Cheats & Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Comments: 2

To get the Rustic Highlands expansion early, when you get the notice about it (happened for me today when I opened the game), load cheat engine and use this...
Rebel Galaxy

Posted by: MiaME

Game: Rebel Galaxy

Tags: Tips & Tricks, Guides

Comments: 0

Rebel Galaxy quick money cheats & tips. So you want to buy a new ship but short in cash? Using the cheat engine cheat try to combine this......
Diggy's Adventure

Posted by: MiaME

Game: Diggy's Adventure

Tags: Walkthrough

Comments: 2

All solutions & walkthrough for Diggy's Adventure Isis Quest. Check the map to avoid difficulties and prepare before starting a new adventure....
Diggy's Adventure

Posted by: MiaME

Game: Diggy's Adventure

Tags: Guides, Walkthrough, Videos

Comments: 2

Complete solutions, walkthrough videos for Diggy's Adventure Cinderella Valentine's Event. All challenges & details for energy consumption, rewards, fairy dust per mines....
8 Ball Pool

Posted by: KellieMcDonald

Game: 8 Ball Pool

Tags: Cheats & Hacks

Comments: 26

When scratching, scratch only the very top of the square and you can see which squares you can pick to match the amounts and make you a winner.  If you...

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