FarmVille 2 Chinchilla Play house

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this quest will release in 20 october 
to remove construction
scan e_building_wandering_chinchilla_construction
change to e_removing_wandering_chinchilla_construction
visit a neighbour and return your farm 

chinchilla playhouse 
e_deco_building_wandering_chinchilla (36)
building parts
mini slide
e_rare_buildable_wandering_chinchilla_part1 (43)
trampoline ring
roof plank
quest items
toss toy 
e_viral_q_hud_wandering_chinchilla_01 (37)
plank ladder
dust bath

baby pink white chinchilla
e_animal_baby_chinchilla_pinkwhite (34)
adult pink white chinchilla
e_animal_adult_chinchilla_pinkwhite (35)

e_rare_animal_raisin 20

cocoa powder
e_rare_ingredient_powder_cocoa 30


dried rose hip

e_viral_wandering_chinchilla_capture_quest 42

sombrero hat 

e_rare_ingredient_hat_sombrero 30

e_rare_crafted_cake_raisin_apple 32

e_rare_crafted_cake_raisin_apple_heirloom 41
e_rare_crafted_raisins_covered_chocolate 40
e_rare_crafted_risotto_truffle 30
e_rare_crafted_butter_truffle 29
e_rare_crafted_eggs_scrambled_truffle 37
e_rare_crafted_bars_cream_raisin 32
e_rare_crafted_bread_rye_raisin 31
e_rare_crafted_salad_raisin_carrot 34
e_rare_crafted_rugelac 22
e_rare_crafted_gratin_potato_truffle 36
e_rare_crafted_salad_asparagus_truffled 39
e_rare_crafted_tart_spinach_truffle 35

e_rare_crafted_toy_chinchilla 29

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Discuss Chinchilla Play house


no worry catguru  i will add new codes to DBsmiley you did well  you created DB and added 17000 codes we will do rest of it by adding new codes to DB devil

immathebest did you check tutorial ?

new to coding in farmville, any help?


nice :) is this new codes? Can't find it in Codes DB. you can add this codes.

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