FarmVille 2 Knitting Machine

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release date 02.09.2016

knitting machine
e_building_input_minigoat 25

spool roll
e_rare_buildable_input_minigoat_part1 (37)

knitting shuttle 

beater beam

pashmina yarn 
e_rare_animal_input_minigoat_ticket 35

drop spindle 
e_rare_ingredient_spindle_drop 30 

baby white babydoll sheep
e_animal_baby_sheep_whitebabydoll 33


baby toggenburg mini goat
e_animal_baby_goatsmall_toggenburg_generic 42
baby alpine mini goat
e_animal_baby_goatsmall_alpine 30
baby nubian mini goat
e_animal_baby_goatsmall_nubian 30
baby caramel pygmy mini goat
e_animal_baby_goatsmall_caramelpygmy 36
baby brown lamancha mini goat
e_animal_baby_goatsmall_lamanchabrown 37

items for quest 
scarf pendant
e_viral_q_hud_input_minigoat_01 (31)
stole charm
metal bead


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