FarmVille 2 Prank Pedestal

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Prank Pedestal
e_building_table_party_prank 28

building materials
prank boxes
e_rare_buildable_table_party_prank_part1 (40)

pedestal tops

fake fruits

party invite
e_rare_ticket_table_party_prank 31


baby bolivian black backed alpaca
e_animal_baby_alpaca_backedbolivianblack 40

ingredients for recipes

quick glue
e_rare_ingredient_table_prank_party_glue_quick 46

googly eyes
e_rare_ingredient_table_prank_party_eyes_googly 47

paper cutter
e_rare_ingredient_table_prank_party_cutter_paper 48

lollipop stick
e_rare_ingredient_table_prank_party_stick_lollipop 50

natural food coloring
e_rare_ingredient_table_prank_party_coloring_food_natural 57

sundae glass
e_rare_ingredient_table_prank_party_glass_sundae 48

dye pellets
e_rare_ingredient_table_prank_party_pellets_dye 47

e_rare_ingredient_table_prank_party_gelatin 43

quest items
Pack of Doughnut Seeds
e_viral_q_hud_table_party_prank_01 (34)

Spool of Red Sauce Thread

Tube of Colored Toothpaste


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e_animal_baby_chinchilla_tan 28

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