FarmVille 2 Season your recipes with Purple Ruffles Basil

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e_rare_crop_basil_purpleruffles 31

heirloom cluster fig tree
e_tree_heirloom_fruit_fig_cluster 33
heirloom golden wattle tree
e_tree_heirloom_flower_wattle_golden 36
heirloom logwood tree
e_tree_heirloom_fruit_logwood_generic 37

Baby Black Spotted Neck Otter
e_animal_baby_otter_blackspottedneck 36
Baby Chocolate Smooth Coated Otter
e_animal_baby_otter_chocolatesmoothcoated 41
Baby Brazilian Giant Otter
e_animal_baby_otter_giantbrazilian 34
Baby Red Slate Turkey
e_animal_baby_turkey_slatered 29

Logwood Pigment
e_rare_crafted_pigment_logwood 30
e_rare_crafted_pigment_logwood_heirloom 39
Golden Wattle Soap
e_rare_crafted_soap_wattle_golden 33
e_rare_crafted_soap_wattle_golden_heirloom 42
Golden Wattle Perfume
e_rare_crafted_perfume_wattle_golden 36
e_rare_crafted_perfume_wattle_golden_heirloom 45
Cluster Fig Curry
e_rare_crafted_curry_fig_cluster 32
e_rare_crafted_curry_fig_cluster_heirloom 41
Purple Ruffles Basil Pasta
e_rare_crafted_pasta_basil_ruffles_purple 41
Purple Ruffles Basil Vinegar
e_rare_crafted_vinegar_basil_ruffles_purple 43


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