Marvel: Avengers Alliance Marvel: Avengers Alliance Cheat Engine Trainer

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance Cheat Engine Trainer works on Facebook and Playdom.

Cheats included:

  • Disable Ai, Self-Attack Ai
  • AOE Attack, AOE Buff
  • Speed up animation: Speedhack x5 & Speedhack x3
  • Beepsound
  • No Shitcash or shitice link
  • Popular web-browsers support & Easy to use
  • Simple attaching system & Shows a message that you have attached the hack!

This cheat is old and might not work anymore.  Feel free to like or dislike and post comments.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Trainer:  

"AOE Buff" causes any "one ally" buff items such as Mutagen Emitter, Emerald Prism and etc to have an effect on all your allies.
"AOE Attack" causes any single attack to become AOE which is very useful when playing PVP during the last day of PVP of course.
"Animation Speed" speeds up the animation which is much more efficient than the Speedhack which can cause the game to ask for a refresh.


  1. Open Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook with Internet Explorer/ Firefox/ Chrome/ Opera
  2. Once you are in the flight deck, Open the hack and select your web browser.
  3. After that, enable Speedhack to ensure you attached to the correct tab.
  4. Then, activate either "Disable Ai" or "Self-Attack Ai"

There will be a slight lag when turning ON "Disable Ai" or "Self-Attack Ai".

Web Browser Attaching:
Internet Explorer = Iexplore.exe
Firefox = FlashPlayerPlugin
Chrome = Chrome.exe

For Firefox
Disable Leethax when you are using Firefox

For Google Chrome
For the speedhack to work on Chrome, you have to add this parameter "-no-sandbox". How?
Right click on your Chrome shortcut and click on properties then add this parameter to the target line(be sure there is a space between " and - .


Blue Colour - Hack Not Activated
Red Colour - Hack Activated
Black Colour - Did not attach to the correct tab, please try again or the trainer has been patched

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