Marvel: Avengers Alliance Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheat using Charles Proxy

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Cheat Marvel Avengers Alliance using Charles Web Debugging Proxy features: Auto-Battle for every mission and Self-attack for Chapter 12.2


This is a cheat that will fastened the battles for farming CP in Season 1 Chapter 12.2.

This cheat is old and might not work anymore.  Feel free to like or dislike and post comments.

To do this cheat you need:

Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheat using Web Debugging Proxy Steps:

  1. Clear your web-browser caches and Open up Charles Web Debugging Proxy.
  2. Open Marvel Avengers Alliance (It should works for Facebook and Playdom)
  3. Search for http://marvel** in Charles where ** stands for numbers so that we can map locale with the modified xml files which you have downloaded. Then map locale both files respectively: 112.xml & client.xml If you don't see 112.xml, go play Season 1 Chapter 12.2 the file should exist in your Charles.
  4. Clear your web-browser caches again and go to Marvel Avengers Alliance.
  5. To check if you have successfully map locale it, go to Team and you should see the name of Black Widow changed to Black Spider, Hawk Eye to Eagle Eye, Captain America to Captain Murica, and Nightcrawler to NightSeeker
  6. Go play Season 1 Chapter 12.2 and as usual, deploy kitty(if you have) and then click on Baron Zemo and Fight him.
  7. During fighting, search for this link in Charles: and right-click and select "Breakpoint" after that you can easily disable"Breakpoint" by clicking on the "Red Hexagon"(on the toolbar).
  8. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OR IT WILL CAUSE CVE Once the battle has ended, Charles will ask "Request: cancel, abort or execute?" from ""
    You should execute the 1st request and then when the 2nd request came out you should wait for a few seconds(I recommend you wait for at least 10 seconds) and then Abort that request. After that you can disable "Breakpoint" by clicking on the "Red Hexagon". Note: To see if the request can cause error, go the "Edit Response" Tab and then click on "Text" you should see a line which says: "error:true". Please refer at the picture above.
  9. After that, it should be fine. There will be no CVE. If you "Abort" the 2nd request as soon as it came out, it will 100% cause CVE. Be sure to enable "Breakpoint" during a fight.

To make other Characters go Auto-Battle, Open client.xml with notepad++ and search for the Character that you want and then change the string between from "UserController" to "ScriptableAIController".

To make the enemy hit themselves in other mission, get the mission .xml by playing that mission. For mission Season 1 1.1, the xml file would be 101.xml. Once you have that file, open it with notepad++ and press "Ctrl+F" go to the replace tab and replace "enemy" with "defense". And also, replace "area" with "myTeam".


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cant download from any links can i get the files to my acc or e-mail or something ?

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