Diggy's Adventure Stuck in Scandinavia

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Hi I'm stuck bigtime on Scandinavia last level was heimdalls hideout. An how do i get back the the screen with all the gods on? Really need help as i haven' been able to move on for 2 months now

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All maps and video walkthroughs of all locations are available on Diggy's wiki, for those who are stuck.

I was working through the gods? Next God never loaded next god
How do I get to the gods to talk to them?
Where to? I couldnt find it

I am trying to get to Valhalla following Jessica’s directions. When I go to maps I don’t see Main (globe) and don’t see Valhalla. Help?

All the quests are complete in Scandinavian but only shows 73 out of 74 done (dont leave a snowflake ) anyone got an Idea What can be missed? Thanks

Stuck in third test in Scandinavian scool how do I lay out Mary had a Little lamb score to open gates

I have not been able to move on nothing will open up


How do I get to the gods in Scandinavia?

Hello.I am. Stuck and need some help. I can not figure out how to open the door to Thor's hammer. I can usually figure these things out but not this one. I can't move forward if I can't get through this level. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks. 

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