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In a general game of spades you can run spades from the door not having to wait until a suite is cut. But that’s not how it works here. I have two tips, and it drives me crazy when my partner doesn’t follow my lead. How I play, if I start running say clubs, and you take lead of it, don’t hit hearts play the clubs back to me there’s a reason for every card being played. My next tip, the game is called spades right? So once you’re able to run spades run them, a lot of people count cut books which I don’t unless I don’t have that suite or I have one card in it. You can really eliminate someone’s books by running the spades and taking away them getting a chance to cut you or your partner. And if you have one suite that’s heavy like 6 cards guess what once the spades are out those can become boss and your walking a 5 or a 3! Try it out!


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That's a perfect way to explain. I love this IF your partner knows the drill

I need coins please. 

Need some coins please
Coins please
Need more coins please
Hello, I need some coins on spades plus please
It works on occasion. You just have to follow suites so sometime its hard to do.

Need coins please 

Need coins please 

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