Coin Master Attacking but Unable to Connect?

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I noticed that many accounts protect there village by using a strange but ingenious trick/hack or whatever it is? 

When you attempt to attack it says your Unable to Connect, and it continues this until you finally just give up and attack the next village! 


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Discuss Attacking but Unable to Connect?


No that's not true because I have 2 friends who are doing it.
They are bots from the game not real people.
Yes many members they do what's called ghosting where other friends cannot see them. That way while they are not playing friends can not attack or raid their villages, only people that you don't know can raid or attack you. They also ghost so that they will not lose the pet potion limited time as well. And as far as the connection goes it has nothing to do with ghosting this is something completely different, it's a glitch in their system.

This is not the person doing this!! It is a problem in the app! I have the same issue as do others I’ve spoken with. I’ve tried to speak with customer service about it, but not enough people are complaining!! Please text them.

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