Coin Master Coinmaster Lettuce card

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I have been trying for months to get hold of the martian lettuce card, is there someone who can help me with this. I am now stuck because all other cards that I need are gold cards.  I am willing to trade and who knows I may have cards that you need

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Add me on Facebook with your real name, and I don't want to be attack on my villages please, and if I see that you need it I will talk to you on messager .But I do have one.and I will send you it if you are honest. Find me at Lisa Sweeney Anderson
Free spins

I need lettuces card

I need this badly martian lettuce
Am nevoie de salata martiana
Plz Martian lettuce
Spent over 2 billions in coin's
Spent over 2 billions in coin's
Need the lettuce card
Martian lettuce pleasr

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